Friday Five {Birthday Edition}

Friday, January 17, 2014

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This weekend, I will be celebrating 27 trips around the sun.  I am having a cake, ice cream and cocktail party.  Since moving to Portland, I have had the opportunity to reconnect with some old pals and make some amazing new friends.   I am really looking forward to seeing how the night plays out, especially since there are so many entertaining characters in the bunch.  

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When I moved to Portland it was a big adjustment.  Most of the changes were very fun or a good kind of hard.  Finding a person to do my hair has NOT been easy.  You see, the same woman has been doing my hair for almost 15 years.  It is the longest, healthiest and must aesthetically pleasing relationship I have ever been in.  Well, this Fall, after 6 months without a trim or glaze, I knew it was time to try someone new.  Well, that was a fail.  Instead of schwoopy bangs, I have been growing out a mullet on the right side of my head for months.  So you better believe when I was in Montana over the holidays one of my first stops involved seeing my hair therapist!  While she did an amazing job, I still have a few months of growing my hair out.  Luckily, The Beauty Department, just put up this amazing post to help style hair when growing out bangs.  Or, in my case, growing out a temple-to-ear-mullet. 

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I am not the only girl who will be celebrating her birthday this weekend!!!  Michelle Obama turned 50 today!  My goodness, she makes 50 look GOOD!!!  Our First Lady is a pretty amazing person.  She is committed to a healthy and active lifestyle, supporting military families, and, has amazing dance moves.  It is hard to imagine why anyone would feel so down about this milestone birthday, when, MO clearly embraces it

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One of my all time favorite shows is Gilmore Girls.  While it is an amazing show for so many reasons, one thing I really love about those quirky girls is their love of birthday celebrations.  Though a giant pizza would not be my birthday request, it is still pretty epic.  If only were streaming on Netflix, I could transport to Stars Hollow on a regular basis. 

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If I were in Montana, I would most likely be having my birthday dinner at Barclay's Supper Club for the world's greatest steak.  And, since I really only eat steak in Montana, that is a tremendously biased opinion.  This year I am hoping to have some really amazing Pho at Luc Lac. The restaurant has been undergoing construction and renovation since mid-December.  It is slated to open on Monday {my actual birthday} and you better believe I will be singing this tune if that doesn't happen.  And then go to Boxer Ramen.

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It was over 50 degrees and clear blue skies more than once this week.  Not only is that unheard of for Portland, it is also in huge contrast to the rest of the country.  Due to this unexpected "dry spell" I am already starting to think about summer sandals.  I saw these Toms in the store yesterday and they are even better in person. These Kork-Ease wedges also caught my eye.  While they are different from anything I own or gravitate towards, they have quite the reputation for being incredibly comfortable.  Maybe 27 is the year to broaden my horizons.  At least in the shoe department.

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  1. 1. I haven't even noticed your hair dilemma. Meanwhile, I recently cut four inches off of mine, and my office manager asked me today, "Are you growing your hair out?" Which is to say, it's all relative.
    2. MO is my hero.
    3. I will be a willing Luc Lac adventurer if you need a companion.
    4. Kork-Ease. Worth the $$$.