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Hi, I'm Meredith! A Montana gal living and loving life in PDX. I love great restaurants, getting creative in the kitchen and making a house home. I hope you'll follow along for all the recipes, restaurants and adventures. More info...
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What to Order | Danwei Canting

If anyone ever writes a biography about me I sincerely hope it is cleverly structured around ordering. I really consider it one of my greatest strengths -- knowing how ingredients go together, accommodating everyone's needs, and having a true appreciation for (quality) fried food. 

Last week I was able to check out Danwei Canting's brand new happy hour and meet with owner James Kyle and chef Kyo Koo. 

I was really engaged by James' passion for the cuisine and his journey to open Danwei. After more than a decade of working in China and becoming fully immersed in the culture and making it home, he returned to Oregon. If you get a chance, be sure to chat with him and learn the history of different street foods, just how you go about importing the OG orange soda, and how he and Chef Koo studied and adjusted each and every dish on the menu. Seriously, find out about the burger buns!

Beibingyang aka the ORIGINAL Orange Soda!!! I don't even drink soda pop and I GULPED this down! It is so refreshing and not overly sweet. Be sure to ask the staff the story behind this one.

Want something stronger? The green tea cocktail is refreshing and dangerously delicious. Drink responsibly, as this will be a summer favorite.

 The Beijing Peanuts are crispy with a surprisingly light sauce. I was worried these would be super salty, but the balance was superb.

 Crispy tofu! Crispy tofu! Crispy tofu! The sauce was delightfully spicy and the tofu maintained a non-greasy crunch for at least one hours. What?! There was a lot of food and it took us awhile to eat.

The lamb burger is super craveable and has such a complex seasoning story. Also, if lamb is on the menu and it is good, GET IT!

I'm about to make a wildly bold statement: This is one of the best fried chickens in Portland! (I rank it right after Mae and Real M Inn) Again, the seasoning or marinade is so interesting and the crunch is what every southern grandmother dreams of. It wasn't greasy and really held up for the evening of eating.

Danwei Canting
803 SE Stark
Friday + Saturday 11:30am-10pm

Sips + Bites

I feel like a broken record -- no, no more rain talk -- but life has been so full lately. The calendar is jam-packed with lots of fun foodie events here in Portland, celebrating friends, and savoring all that summer has to offer.

While it is overwhelming I'm also grateful that my life is filled with so many great things. Except for my spin studio closing down. That has been a bummer and has prompted me to start a running program. I'm not a natural runner and am not falling in love. Any tips to make this a more amorous relationship? 

Below are some foodie highlights as of late! This week I'll be checking at Danwei Canting, lunch at RingSide Fish House, and Duniway. Not to mention I'm heading to Mt. Hood for a girls' weekend in the woods. You should probably follow along for all of it. (MereCDavison if you aren't already!)

How is your summer going so far? Anything fun on tap?

Went on a hike and had the BEST NACHOS EVER at Everybody's Brewing in White Salmon. Add this to your summer bucket list. 

Prettiest iced tea at Cafe Umbria in the Pearl.

Mushroom + lentil stuffed eggplant with Halloumi. It was delicious. Would you want the InstaStories video uploaded?

Country Brunch was fantastic this year!!!

Finally checked out HunnyMilk and it did NOT disappoint. For $20 you get a non-alcoholic drink, savory and sweet dishes. I had ribs over grits and an almond crepe. 

Hosted a last-minute happy hour with some girlfriends. Made a plate with burrata, cantaloupe, basil, prosciutto, and crackers. Delicious and easily accessible items.

Feastly has launched!!!

I went to the MOST lovely Makers dinner at Three Degrees overlooking the waterfront. There will be another one in August, so be sure to sign-up for the emails.

Hello, summer!

Friends. Buddies, Pals.


Wasn't it just FEAST 2016?? BTW, FEAST 2017 tickets go on sale June 2nd.  More on that next week!!

I've been sorting out my schedule for the summer and at this point just a handful of weekends are plan-less. I'm starting to think about scheduling and life hacks to keep these activities fun, and reduce my stress. Any tips? How do you make it all work?

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PDX Dates

As the trees green and flowers start to bloom -- I swear this isn't becoming a weather blog -- it also seems that date season is in full season. Whether you're swiping away or in a long-term relationship, it is time to step away from Netflix and stop ordering in, and go out on the town!

What makes for a good date? Personally, I'm currently enjoying a great activity with really good conversation. Nothing over the top, but quality time.

What do you look for from a date? Where have you been going lately?