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Hi, I'm Meredith! A Montana gal living and loving life in PDX. I love great restaurants, getting creative in the kitchen and making a house home. I hope you'll follow along for all the recipes, restaurants and adventures. More info...
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Fall Beauty Favorites

The rain is pouring down and the weather is changing. That means it is time to adjust our beauty routines and use products that combat winter skin and reflect the season.

A few years ago I fell in love with the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate for my super dry and textured skin. But at $175 a bottle I couldn't justify baby bottom skin.

Then I met the Acure brightening scrub through Birchbox and my skin has never been so soft. If you really need an exfoliator I highly recommend this scrub. Vegan and cruelty-free, this high-power scrub also foregoes a lot of chemicals I can't pronounce.  Best part?? It is $9!!

I've been on the hunt for a powerful night cream that doesn't break the bank. Coming in at $38 this hydrating cream is quickly tightening up my skin, combating wrinkles and leaving me with soft and nourished skin the morning. Nor has it given me any kind of breakouts - a common occurrence with heavy night creams.

I'm happy to announce I have found the best pencil eyeliner. ever. EVER! Creamy without melting all over my face. It also very buildable, allowing for subtle definition or bolder, more smudged look.

One of the most fun things about fall is the opportunity for bold and deep lip colors. I like this for the creamy texture and the universally flattering color. It can be worn at 10am for a meeting or at 10pm for a third date. 

If you're like me, the shorter days make it that much harder to get out of a cozy bed in the morning. And blow-drying my hair seems extra cumbersome. Making the R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste my BFF. Unlike a spray, this paste is much easier to control and doesn't leave any white powder. It adds a lot of texture and gives great bedroom hair. I was so happy to pick it up at Luminary, as it tends to be sold out online and in stores often.


How is OCTOBER just days away??? I'm utterly baffled that the month of pumpkins, leaves, and good ole' ghoulin' is upon us. While I'm sad to see life slipping by faster and faster, I'm also really excited to be living it.

As always, be sure to follow me on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram(merecdavison) for the latest and greatest.

Housewarming Party
Back in August I welcomed a new roommate and we are properly warming the casa. It will be fun to introduce our friends, show off the new decor, and have a few glasses of wine.

They will be opening a new location on NW 23rd and I'm excited to check out their specs. I will be trying on this pair, this pair, and these beauties. 

SEE Eyewear Glasses

I'll be hosting my 3rd soup swap and know the ladies will be bringing top notch soups. I'm thinking of making french onion soup. Will be cutting the onions with my Spiralizer and contemplating making the beef broth.

The Armory always has my favorite productions, and this one includes The Constitution. You know I'm jazzed! The production runs October 1 - November 13.

I've finally found a workout class that's fun and gets me sweating! Cate Wade is a phenomenal teacher, shares the fundamentals, and is super motivating. I'll also saw that your classmates are teammates. I've been going through Classpass - in case you're interested.

MAE! MAE! MAE! As a member said, "You had me at 'fried in three fats'" and I can't wait to devour this. Stretchy pants for life.

I'm heading back to my favorite, Luminary, and am debating cutting off a few inches. Or should I keep growing it out? shall we Doodle poll this??

My Parenthood-loving heart is so happy!

This is a Fall MUST! And it is only $19.99. Do yourself a favor and order it now.

#FeastPDX 2016

Well hello! Feast is HERE!!! The festivities kick-off on Wednesday and Sandwich Invitational finds a new home on the East Side this Thursday. I hear there will be a TALENTI truck - so get ready! 

A few things as we get into the madness: whether you're a veteran, newbie, salivating from afar or regretting not buying tickets back in May.

Didn't snag tickets? Keep your eye on Craigslist and speak up. For numerous reasons, people need to sell tickets at the 11th hour. It is a talkative community and a friend of a friend just might have two highly coveted OMGSmoked tickets.

Want to keep up with all of my shenanigans??


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Foodie Christmas is just one week away! I've been so excited my roommate kindly refers to life, times, and television plans as BF/AF. Before Feast. After Feast. Yup, foodie Christmas. 

This year I will be attending both days of Grand Bounty, Night Market, OMG Smoked, and Brunch Village. I'm also really excited to check out Drink Tank: Washington Wines on the Rise

Besides all of the food, what I'm really most excited for is the people. Some of my favorite friends will be at Feast and the shenanigans will be outrageous. Not to mention the chefs - though we lust after, discuss, and enjoy so many of their creations, it is rare to actually know them.

In particular, Brad Farmerie and Alvin Cailan happen to be two of my favorite celebrity chefs. 

At last year's Brunch Village Farmerie made the fan-favorite Turkish Eggs. A regular menu item at Public (Aa 2016 Michelin Star recipient), the creamy eggs in a spicy sauce have haunted my dreams. So much so, that I decided to recreate the recipe at home. He also has a reputation for being one of the nicest , most easy-going , and humble chefs in the business.  If you watch any food documentaries on Netflix, you know this is a rarity. 

Chef Cailan's 2015 Sandwich Invitation Delight

As for Alvin, well, the man has made egg sandwiches sexy. Previously the midnight snack food of dads around America, it is now the must-have meal of glossy celebrities and foodies alike. (Sorry dad, Alvin beats you in the egg sandwich department. But your chocolate chip pancakes are still tops!)

Since Farmerie and Cailan brought two of the most interesting and delicious dishes last year we thought it would be fun to check in with them and get to know these chefs a bit better. From last meals to cooking playlists we've got it all.

Farmerie will be at OMGSmoked and Cailan will be cooking at Night Market.

Now head on over to Bakery Bingo to find out what Alvin has to say.