Thursday, May 5, 2016

How to master Snapchat: Part 2

Have you had fun playing with Snapchat? Still feeling a little shy? Check out my tips for getting started.

People often ask, "What is the point of Snapchat?" and at times it can be challenging to articulate the value. There's no way for companies to find you or know the numbers. There's no tagging or track record. But that is the value - followers MUST seek you out. And that means the follower is interested in getting to know you more. There are only three ways to obtain a Snapchat follower: It is someone you know and you're in their phone, you've promoted yourself on other channels - and done a good job at it, or someone else has recommended and supported you. No matter what, the pitch has been compelling enough 

The best way to obtain these followers, keep them engaged and get even more is to follow the Do's and Don'ts of Snapchat. Wait, didn't you just tell us to be ourselves?? I sure did!! But here are some tips on being your best Snapchat self.

And want to do more?? Make sure you're following MY Snap (merecdavison) as I will be talking through all of these points in the coming days.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How to master Snapchat: Part 1

Last week I posted a collage on Instagram noting some of my favorite Portland Snapchat accounts. The response was lovely and there was a lot of interest in figuring out the hottest social media platform. There is also a lot of confusion and hesitation about the video and picture channel that only allows for content to last for 24-hours, isn't curated and involves a lot of puppy faces.

Why do I love Snapchat? I love following celebrities {KarlieKloss, AnselElgort}, watching others cook {inspiralized, lenaskitchen}, see other parts of the world {GalMeetsGlam, Rosielondoner}, experience history {TheWhiteHouse} and keep up with my friends.

Step 1
Get Comfortable

The biggest challenge with Snapchat is the adaptation. It is weird to hear your voice or share a talking selfie. It can feel vain and odd. 

Experiment: Unless you try something, you'll never know if you like it. Your homework assignment is to spend the next 36-hours trying to Snapchat. 

You won't like the sound of your voice. Even if you were a journalism major, you still won't like it. It is what it is. If something sounds overly shrill, adjust. 

Try the filters. This means speeding up the video, slowing it down, adding geofilters or a puppy face. It is fun, and everyone is doing it!

Remember that: the snaps only last 24-hours. Editors or followers won't be looking back on these in 6 months. And NO ONE knows how many people have viewed said snaps. Whether one person or 1,000 fans have viewed your video, only you know that. Don't worry about how engagement is perceived. This is you, being you. You don't need anyone else's validation.

Don't worry about your brand!! Are your Instagram pictures perfectly styled and edited? Do you only post pictures of your feet with fancy tiled floors? Expand your brand and show the reality of life. Show the BTS tools necessary to pull off the perfectly crumbled muffin. Share parts of your career or personal life. If you are a health blogger showcase a workout and Netflix. Foodie? Throw in your day job!

Step 2
Have Fun & Be Yourself

If you follow scripts, edit or try for a snap more than two times, you're doing it wrong. This isn't a YouTube hair tutorial that requires precision and editing. Every snap doesn't need to be the most profound 10 second clip of all time.

Are you having a mini-dance party to beat the 3pm blues? Share that!!

Do you have an especially witty sense of humor? Share your jokes!! That thing you saw on the Max is funny!

Paint your nails every Sunday and always have the hardest time picking colors? Share that!

Been reading a page turner? Share a snap why that book is a must-read!

Step 3
Layer, Layer, Layer

Brevity is key when it comes to Snapchat. To get the most out of a 12-second post add filters (temperature, location), the drawing feature and text to layer in additional information to get the message across. 

I also like to use music to get my message across. It is amazing how often Ace of Base lyrics apply. And this is especially helpful if you aren't quite comfortable speaking yet.

Now go and snap!! My username is MereCDavison or you can grab my snapcode up top. Get your snap on and come back Thursday for my Do's and Don'ts!!

Monday, May 2, 2016

SnapStory {LeChon}

Last week I had the opportunity to check out LeChon right off the waterfront and was totally blown away!!! I had such a fun evening with The Pickles, Mary, Rebekah, Pech and Sara. We spent warm evening soaking up the sun, listening to some live music (a regular Friday and Saturday occurrence), eating up the fresh South American cuisine, and enjoying a lot of really amazing cocktails.

The service was top notch and the bustling spot had an amazing energy. I think this would be an awesome spot to go after running the Waterfront loop or go on date night - think ceviche, strong cocktails and a dreamy sunset walk along the water.  The decor and design is exceptional. It felt like a long-loved neighborhood staple in Greenwich Village. This has RomCom written all over it. 

The Happy Hour menu also makes it an affordable RomCom. And flexible! HH is available on  Monday: ALL DAY, Tuesday-Friday 3pm-6pm, Tuesday-Saturday 6pm-9pm, AND Saturday 2pm-6pm. Talk about options.

Still not convinced? Check out my SnapStory for even more details.

Are you interested in learning more about Snapchat and how to curate an awesome SnapStory?? Come back tomorrow for the beginning of my 2-part series on how to master SnapChat!