Friday, March 27, 2015

New Experiences {Q1}

Remember back in January when I made my New Year Resolution to try, learn or do something new every month?! Well - I am proud to say we are 1/4 of the way into this year and I have stayed committed. This quarter has unintentionally been focused on fitness. I attribute this to several factors 1) ClassPass + FitMob 2) positive results, and 3) enjoying it!


BurnCycle is undeniably one of the trendiest fitness options in Portland. I had heard rave reviews from both Erin and Jane about the great instructors, fun music and amazing workout. I've only been to one spin class in my life at a small Montana gym and did not enjoy it. At all! So I decided the BurnCycle experience counted as a new challenge. I went during January when they offer a free class for new users and love-hated it. I found the seat rather ... erm.... painful, but also really loved the workout. The instructor, Steph, was really encouraging and everyone in the class was very nice. It was a fun and supportive space that I would certainly return to.


I already shared my thoughts on this spot a few weeks ago - but wanted to share that I have been going quite regularly through my FitMob membership.


Yes, that is Erin and me hanging upside down in slings. "Why" you ask? Because we decided to embrace life and try something new - Aerial Yoga to be precise. We took the intro class at A-Wol. There were certainly aspects and stretches that I really liked, and others that felt a bit off for my body. I also got pretty dizzy when upside-down. 

As we enter into a new quarter I am excited for more new experiences!!  I was thinking about finally tackling the 90-minutes at a bar alone without a cell phone. Maybe learn how to make a challenging baked good??

Would love to hear how your resolutions are going for 2015!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring

I hope you all have exciting weekend plans to celebrate the beginning of Spring!  Always believing in the #treatyoself philosophy, I would recommend checking at Macaron Day PDX, getting a pedi in this softest shade of pink, or make these seasonal raviolis.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Round the WWW {Take Two}

Hello and HAPPY Friday! Is it just me or have things been on the stressful side as of late? Maybe it is adulthood, life evolving or complete coincidence. Whatever the cause may be, I am ready for a quiet weekend. I hope to spend equal parts of time curled up and enjoying some sunshine. While I do have a few plans, the goal is to be low-key. Can we say 'yoga pants'??

In case you plan on having a quiet weekend or have a few minutes to explore the web, I highly recommend checking out the links below. From life hacks to budget-friendly fashion - there is a little bit of everything.

Anything I should be reading? What are your plans for the weekend? How are you doing?

5 Podcasts to Improve Your Daily Commute - Looking forward to listening to 'Stuff Mom Never Told You' this weekend
Brown Butter Banana Skillet Cake with Strawberries and Pecans - Say that 5x fast
Thai-Style Salmon Chowder - I'm very intrigued by this recipe.
8 Tips to Help You Find Your Personal Style - I am in serious need of a closet clean-up
BriefMe - A fun new app to stay up on current events
ChinoChic - Loving this budget-friendly fashion blog!