Thursday, November 20, 2014

As Seen On Instagram {Quatre}

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week!  Growing up, I was never a huge fan of the holiday.  As I have gotten older, I've had the opportunity to take on bird duty and really work on the sides I love.  Needless to say, I am now on team Turkey Day!

This Fall has been so busy and gone by extremely fast.  But, the best kind of busy.  
Today's 'As Seen On Instagram' is long, but, life has been filled with plenty of wonderful things lately!
And, I am pretty darn thankful for all of it.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?  Anything exciting going on?  What are you grateful for this year?

  Trader Joe's Lemon Ravioli + Delicata Squash + Pomegranate Seeds

 Morton: My New Favorite!

 Bucatini Pomodoro 

 Fall Pizza: Brussel Sprouts + Bacon + Delicata + Gorgonzola+ Pomegranate Seeds

Oyster Season at The Parish

 Finally tried Butter Coffee at The Cultured Caveman

Fried Chicken at The Imperial!  Out of this world!  You may have spotted a version on Top Chef.

 Finally made it to OX.  Life changing clam chowder.  

 SupperClubPDX at Double Dragon

 Dinner at Ataula with Mary Ellen!

 Latte Hack: Coffee Marshmallows atop Coffee

 Salted Honey Pie at Sweedeedee.

 My dear friend, Rachel, hosted an amazing wine tasting party for her birthday!  So much fun!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Beauty Products {Okumura Farmacopia + A Giveaway}

As I previously mentioned, I have had the great pleasure of stopping by Urbaca Salon and experiencing several really amazing treatments.  Through all of this, I was able to experience many Okamura Farmacopia products.  This includes my favorite moisturizer, Supreme Creme.  

Okamura Farmacopia is Sherry's beauty brain child.  The line is committed to using gentle products that not only make you feel good, but, are good for you. 

The Scents
The first 'difference' I noticed when using the product was the scent.  I am very, very particular about scents.  I like them, but, they can't be too strong or overwhelming.  Nothing extremely floral, or, musky.  Whatever musky actually is.  I am not a fan of vanilla or rose scented items.  

Let's be honest, I wear Old Spice deodorant!

While I have used a variety of the products with a variety of scents there are several consistent elements.

Not too strong. 
Masculine-but not like a night club.  
Herbal. Bright. Comforting.

The Feel
Admittedly, I was really surprised by how luxurious the products felt.  They aren't overly thick, and, not at all greasy.  The face washes don't make my skin feel stripped or dry.  As for the sprays, I have been using them for just about everything!  

As a perfume? Yes!
On my sheets? Of course!
On laundry fresh from the dryer?  You bet!

The sprays can be used for just about everything!  I am so excited to bring it along when traveling during the holidays!

The Results
I have been using the cremes, sprays and washes for more than a month and love all of them.  While I have been blessed with very nice skin I still have a handful of issues.  Specifically, extremely dry and dull skin.  With a nose of blackheads, of course.

My blackheads on my nose have reduced dramatically.  
My skin is so, so soft.  
And, I feel the need to wear less makeup.  

The Giveaway
After telling you all about the wonderful services and products at Urbaca Salon and from Okamura Farmacopia it would be extremely cruel not to share!

Urbaca + Okamura  Martha Chartreuse Giveaway
Urbaca Salon Hydrate or Deep Pore Facial
Supreme Creme
Spray Tonic
Beard Oil

To  get started, leave a comment sharing your definition of beauty.
The giveaway closes on November 25th at 12am.  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Giveaway {Urbaca + Okamura}

In case you haven't heard, I am hosting a really fabulous giveaway over on Instagram through Friday morning!!

The giveaway includes: 
A gift certificate for a cut + color with Caitlyn, 1- Passion Beard Oil, 1-Meditate Spray, & , 1-SUPREME CREME!! 

How it Works:
For one point, leave a comment on my Instagram {@merecdavison} account sharing your favorite beauty secret.
For an extra point, tag two friends in your comments. 
The giveaway closes Friday, November 14th at 9am PST.  A winner will be randomly selected.