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Hi, I'm Meredith! A Montana gal living and loving life in PDX. I love great restaurants, getting creative in the kitchen and making a house home. I hope you'll follow along for all the recipes, restaurants and adventures. More info...
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Do as PoMo advises and head to Ankeny Tap & Table. I'm a BIG fan of the cauliflower elotes.
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Can't stop watching The Leftovers.
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Looking forward to Woman UP! on June 4th!
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So SAD I am missing this, but you should go!

Spring Recipes

Spring has sprung (wait -- as I write this rain is POURING down from the sky) and that means lots of produce!! The rain gives the produce life, right?? Anyways! Food. That's what it's all about right? You put your kohlrabi in, you put your kohlrabi out... then you saute it all about. YUP! That is how the song goes.

Okay -- anyways! Recipes you, me, and the kohlrabi should all try!!

One-Skillet Steak with Spring Veg and Mustard Sauce (Bon Appetit)
Rhubarb and Asparagus with Burrata (Martha Chartreuse)
Green Goddess Power Bowl Salad (PDX Food Love)
Pain Perdu with Confit Orange Sauce (Bakery Bingo)
Baked Pesto Salmon with Broccolini (Camille Styles)
Asparagus Gratin with Gruyere and Panko (The Modern Proper)
Rose Strawberry Lime Jello Shots (Urban Bliss Life)

inPDX: Pinxto Hour at Urdaneta

Portland's 2017 rainy season has been relentless. It has set records -- for consecutive days of rain, accumulation, and Netflix binges (I'm sure!!). It has been daunting, and a glimmer of sunshine seems to transform the entire city. The sidewalks are bustling, people are laughing, and restaurants are packed. With the sunshine comes a thirst for cocktails, socialization, and tasty bites. 

How should you quench this?

At Urdaneta for Pinxto Hour (or any hour) of course!!

Based on my Google Doc, stomach, and residual cravings, this is the best new PDX restaurant I've been to in at least 6 months. 

The NE Spanish Tapas spot will transport you to a dreamy date in Barcelona, no matter how rainy it is in Portland.

It is a star and I am anxious for my next meal there.

 The Stars

If you've seen any of my online dating profiles, or have spent more than 33 minutes with me, then there are two things you know: I consider myself an extremely talented orderer, and Jeffrey Garten is my dream man.

And if Jeffrey and I were heading to Urdanetta for a date I would insist we order the Gilda, Crispy Chickpeas, and Huevo Diablo.

When presented with the Gilda dish I was hesitant to dive in. Usually boquerones are too fishy for my liking, but these were very bright and had a perfect texture. The briny olive balanced everything out and they were refreshing.

They aren't on the menu, but I'm going to recommend asking for one crispy chickpea per person. I think they were fried or finished in some kind of jamon fat, and I loved it. 

The real star, and must have, was the Huevo Diablo. Served on a crusty piece of bread, smeared with romesco, the deviled egg has a tuna filling. The mustard caviar on top adds a nice texture and compliments the romesco beautifully.

Comfort Food with a Twist

Several dishes really felt like comfort foods, and reminded me of American classics. The Morcilla, Alcochofa, and Tixtorro Burger are all great picks for the less-adventurous or parents.

Morcilla is a blood sausage with buttery peppers. Sausage, onion, peppers = game day food.

Similar to an artichoke dip on crostini, the Alcochofa was brought up a few notches with pickled radishes.

Is anything more consumer-friendly than a slider? Except the Tixtorro has a super cool name and is made with chorizo. Everybody knows chorizo is the coolest ground meat on the block. And it is topped with a quail egg. Again, the coolest egg in all the land. 

Let's order one more thing!

Enough said.

Hamachi over compressed pineapple. So the springiest, freshest, happiest, healthiest dish around. It isn't on the menu yet, but will be soon. Make sure to follow UrdanettaPDX on instagram for the latest additions to the menu.

Get the Goxua!!! The base is a layer of rum-soaked madeleines, topped with whipped cream, then creme brulee, and topped with blood oranges. It is the perfect blend of textures and decadence. 

3303 NE Alberta
Tuesday-Thursday + Sunday
Friday + Saturday

Pinxto Hour

What's on tap?

The next couple of weeks are going to be real busy, and mighty tasty. If you aren't following me on social (@merecdavison on Instagram and Snapchat) you probably should. 

What do I have going on?

Today I'm going to the brand new OP Wurst on Division. I'm really eyeing the Portland Dog - kale, pork belly, and hazelnuts!!

Photo Credit: TryCaviar

Thursday I'll be heading to Little Bird with Mary and her boo-thang for Portland Dining Month. Gimme all the cod!

Friday I'm having lunch at Luce - it has been on my list for quite awhile. Have you been? What would you recommend getting?

Saturday I'll be heading to The Armory for Lauren Weedman Doesn't Live Here Anymore -- Obviously I'll need to make my hair Dolly-big.

Next Wednesday I get to check out Urdaneta's new Pinxto Hour. The photos are warming my glutenista heart. Don't forget they have an amazing Portland Dining Month menu.

Photo Credit: Urdaneta

THEN on Thursday I'm checking out Taylor Railworks for Portland Dining Month. I'll be going with Meg, Mary, and Erin so make sure you're following them as well. Shenanigans are always bountiful with this crew.

Last, but certainly not least, I'm co-hosting a roll-your-own sushi party. We've asked guests to bring surprise fillings like "Trader Joe's" and "Crunchy" - what fillings would you bring??

Don't worry. I will be drinking lots of water and getting my spin on. Maybe even a few hikes if the rain goes away.

What do you have on tap??