Friday Five {When in Doubt, Bundle}

Friday, February 7, 2014

It seems like the Polar Vortex has zero interest in bidding anyone adieu.  The temperatures have been well below freezing and Portland is blanketed in snow.  The entire city has shut down!!  I must admit, it makes me a bit nostalgic for Montana.  Though, not so nostalgic that I want to be frolicking around in -30 weather!!!  I plan on curling up by the fire, eating comfort food, living in yoga pants, and, watching great movies.

Stay warm and be safe!!



Image via Cetaphil

I swear by Cetaphil to keep my skin soft and moisturized during the winter months.

Image Via The Kinas

Despite the horrible weather, these Good Samaritans, went above and beyond.

Image via IMBD

Miracle is one of my favorite movies.  Very fitting right now.  Russia + Olympics + Winter

Image via Martha Stewart

This soup looks amazing!!

Image via Nordstrom

Couch snuggles, movie marathons, and long stretches in the house call for these leggings.

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  1. Long live the legging! And what great good samaritans :) Stay warm up there!