Friday Five {Words of Wisdom}

Friday, June 6, 2014

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to spend some time at  Glyph and learn about all of the amazing things they are doing.  While I will share more about this fantastic space soon, I wanted to tell you about their poetry and quote wall.  There is a slatted wall where everyone can leave a poem, quote or store in between the charred-like planks.  Even cooler, you get to take a message that someone else has left behind.  Pretty brilliant, right?!?!

 A wall of wisdom, emotion and art.

My note; please don't take cursive out of the schools!!!

"Today I am with my friend Matt, and it is his birthday.  It is our first time here.  My wish for you, dear reader, is for your life to be filled with good company and pleasant discoveries.  The simplicity of a good life is to learn and to have those in your life worth sharing these revelations with."

Me: What is the nicest word we know??
Ozzie {Age 3}: I LOVE YOU!

When planning our hypothetical world tour with the $192 Million Lottery winnings.
My Sister: Columbia
Me: We will need to hire security.
My Sister: Its not that bad right now.
Me: I'm Listening to Romancing the Stone right now, can we at least commission Michael Douglas to come?
My Sister: Of course!

Texts with a guy friend about sleazy men
Him: Old like you or old like real old?

Has anyone shared words of wisdom with you lately?  Anything overly funny or noteworthy??

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