Friday Five {Random Thoughts and Happenings}

Friday, August 22, 2014

Hello Love Bugs!!!

I hope you are all doing well and ready for the weekend.  It seems like things have been stressful, emotional and overwhelming for a lot of people lately.  

Be kind to others.  Be kind to yourself.


Bagby Hot Springs
Over the weekend a friend and I headed to Bagby Hot Springs.  The drive was just shy of two hours and the hike in took about 45 minutes.  We soaked in a carved out log for around two hours, had a great picnic then swam in the VERY COLD river.  A great day trip as we close out this beautiful summer!

Cleaning My Purse
I recently cleaned out my purse.  I found two lip stains,two glosses and two EOS balms.  I never would have identified as a lipstick person until this great revelation!  I'm thinking of getting some darker hues for this fall.

Taylor Swift: Shake It Off
I should be embarrassed by how much I love Taylor Swift's new song!  But, I'm not!  Wait, what does that have to do with a postcard of the Prince George's Great Grand Mum?!?!  Well, this adorable card arrived this week.  I feel like the Queen {or anyone on top} would agree with the lyrics: "Cuz Haters Gunna Hate, Hate, Hate,Hate, Hate!

Beautiful Ruins
I finally read Beautiful Ruins!!  I put this snap up on Instagram {@merecdavison} and was amazed by all of the comments people had about the book.  I had picked up a copy about a year ago and finally dove into it last week.  It is a really complex and beautiful story about love, loss, obligation and the journey that is life.  

Unless you are new around here, you know how much I love Tique Box!!!  My August box just arrived and it is absolutely wonderful!!  While a full review is coming next week, I had to share the snap of this amazing card.  I'm tempted to keep it for myself.

And, as a special treat for Martha Chartreuse readers, get $5 off your September box using the code $5MMSept


  1. I love that new T. Swift song too. So good!

  2. I LOVED Beautiful Ruins. And you have gotten me hooked on Shake It Off. When I start singing it incessantly, I will be blaming you.

  3. That day trip looks awesome! I found your blog through the Portland Bloggers website and not sure if I ever commented to say hi! I'm excited to follow a fellow Portland Blogger :)