Friday Five {Wedding Menu}

Friday, August 1, 2014

Right now, I am soaking in all kinds of Montana Magic at my cousin's wedding!  For the past 10 months there have been countless GChats, emails and texts in preparation for this weekend.  Secret pinboards, several events and lots of care to help this lovely couple celebrate the beginning of their marriage!  Whenever I am this close to a wedding, I often think about what I will do if I ever walk down the aisle.  While there are many unknown variables I do know what I would want the day to taste like.  

Have you thought about details for your future nuptials?  If you have said "I Do" what was on your wedding menu?

Cheers, Love Bugs!!!

Champagne & Whisk{e}y Bars
If you know me, you know bubbles and whiskey are in my wheel house of preferred beverages.  Now, imagine a variety of types, brands, mixers, fruits and accouterments for custom cocktails?!

Wedding cake is great and all but it is not my dream dessert.  I am a cheesecake girl.  Always have been.  Always will be.  So why, oh why, would I have a cake instead of individual cheesecakes?!

Mini Beef Wellington
Since this is one of my signature dishes it seems appropriate to serve at the wedding.  Gordan Ramsey style, of course!  Montana beef, please.

Shrimp Cocktail
If you've been to my parent's holiday party, you know this is a given.  It is one of my favorite dishes and a must have!

Washoe Theater Popcorn
My hometown has the most amazing theater.  It is an art deco, one-screen gem with a balcony!!  It is beyond fantastic.  The best part is 100% the popcorn and ice.  Yes, I said ice.  Since that would be an impractical line item, buckets of the world's best popcorn will have to suffice.  


  1. I love the idea of popcorn at a wedding!! And I'm all about the mini cheesecakes!

  2. I like cheesecake too! Not a big classic cake fan for any occasion