New Year. New Adventures.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Are you the type of person who always makes New Year's resolutions?
Do you keep them?
Have you taken on the half-marathon?
Do you last three weeks then turn to potato chips?
Maybe you are the type to set a theme for the year.

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Personally, I have tried many things.  I have failed, forgotten and been disappointed.  Last year I started out with an end goal.  A goal that I wanted to end 2014 having accomplished certain things.  Career growth, a great friend group and personal health.  In general, I am extremely happy with how everything turned out.

For 2015 I will continue to focus on personal growth.  I have decided that each month I need to do, try, learn or experience something new.  This could mean travel, taking on a new language, trying a cooking technique or physical activity.  It just needs to be one genuine attempt by the end of every month.  Not only will this teach me things but it will also push out of my comfort zone.

So far I have a few things on my list.

Take a kettle bell class.

Go indoor rock climbing.

Take a photography class.

Go to a bar by myself for a drink or two.  Without looking at my phone.  For at least 90 minutes.

Learn to make Parker House Rolls.

Visit some place in Oregon I have never been.

Will you be making a resolution?  If so, how do you plan to keep it?  I would love to hear!

As always, thank you so much for reading along!  You have been one of the best parts of 2014.  Here is to a happy and healthy holiday.  
Cheers to 2015!


  1. i like this idea! the bar bit - scary! without a phone? i find i can movies alone, and love it, but that bar resolution is scary! i've heard it's good to do dinner out by yourself with no phone, though! i also want to go somewhere in oregon i've never been (crater lake? painted hills? pendleton?) or even washington (yakima or walla walla)!

  2. Yay! Those are some great resolutions you listed up top. Cheers to 2015 indeed!

  3. I love this so much. And I really like the bar idea - especially the not looking at your phone while you're there! Genius.

  4. I would be happy to join you in ANY of these adventures. I am a great enabler. I guess I can't come to the bar- but I won't text you for 90 min...which is very difficult, as you know.

  5. Love these resolutions. If you ever want a rock climbing buddy, I'm in!