Fashion {Hello Yellow!}

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Now that the holiday months are over and a new year has begun, retailers have started to put out Spring clothing.  While floral prints and white pants seem to be popular< again, I keep noticing bright yellows adorning storefront windows and filling my inbox.  Yellow is such a divisive color.  Either you look amazing in yellow or you resemble a jaundice baby.  Luckily, I seem to pull off the sunny hue quite well.  I credit my dark hair and fair skin for the karmic balance.

This seems like the perfect way to dress up a basic outfit or run errands on the weekends.

While these are bold I think they could really work for those who are afraid of wearing too much of the bright color.  And that stacked heel?! Yes, please!

Workout Top
Great workout attire is always a motivator for me.  A peppy color and sleek design will get me into the gym stat!

This seems like the kind of skirt that will turn even the yuckiest Monday into a great day.

I have a few weddings on my Summer calendar and this dress is really speaking to me.  I love the lines, high-neck and subtle cut-out.  The amount of color certainly isn't for the faint of heart.

Love the trend but it just isn't your color?  This low commitment pillow is so fun.  I saw it in stores on a light turquoise sofa and flipped.

I love statement studs and these are very high on my wish list.  The design is fun and has a vintage feel.


  1. Oh my...I am unfortunately one of those people who looks like a jaundiced baby in yellow. Too bad, as it is such a perky color!

  2. i do not think i can do yellow but am always envious of the pretty people that can! such a happy color

  3. Like Melinda, I am sadly in the jaundice baby camp, unless it's a really rich, dark mustard. But, I do LOVE yellow accessories (for home and fashion) and adore the earrings and shoes you featured here!

  4. I don't look great in yellow, but those heels would look good on anyone! <3

  5. I love yellow. But I can't wear it close to my face. haha!

  6. I want those shoes!! I can do a dark squash yellow but canary yellow sometimes just doesn't work with my skin.

  7. I just can't get into yellow. I wish I could but it's just not right for my skin tone.

  8. Alright ladies, as a card-carrying member of the "I wear the brightest colors humanly possible" club, I've got to say that these specific shades of yellow are not only flattering on most skin-tones, but also not "jaundice-y" looking at all. Furthermore, there really is a shade of yellow for everyone. I'm personally thrilled the color is finally "en vogue."

  9. I don't know if I'd wear yellow myself, but I love the happy brightness it gives off when someone else wears it or when it's present in a room! Somehow it doesn't come off as a power color but as just fun and cheery

  10. Yellow is not my color, but neither are white pants. I'm basically the palest person alive so I just look sickly. Spring colors are generally not my thing. I should branch out more, but I mostly stick to neutrals.