Round the WWW {Take Three}

Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy Monday! This past weekend was really busy, but in the best possible way. I was able to see a lot of friends, eat some tasty meals and was in a REALLY fun photo shoot with Portland photographer Heidi Heaphy. What did you do this weekend? What are you loving?

So excited that The Mindy Project will continue on Hulu!
3 Salad-Inspired alternatives to burgers - yum!!
This arm workout is really hard but I'm already seeing results!
SO high on my must-try list!
Planning on checking out Levant's brunch in June.
This is an oldy but a goody


  1. 1) That black bean quinoa burger looks real legit. It has been added to my list of summer meals.
    2) I want to go to Levant brunch too! Am I on the invite for the June brunch?!
    3) I LOVE that post of the 4-year-old at French Laundry. So cute and so funny.

  2. great quote and can't wait to see the shoot!