New + Noteworthy {Seastar Bakery/Handsome Pizza, B&T Late Night Happy Hour, Beaujolais Nouveau at The Heathman}

Monday, October 26, 2015

Cooler temps and falling leaves aren't causing the Portland food and events scene to hibernate. In fact, it seems like the 4th quarter of the year is going to end on an extremely high note.

Seastar Bakery + Handsome Pizza
1603 NE Killingsworth
SB: M,T, Th. Fri. 7am-12pm Sat. + Sun. 8am-1pm
HP: M, T, Th, Fri. 12pm-9pm Sat. + Sun. 1pm - 9pm

My heart is absolutely bursting over the new Seastar Bakery and Handsome Pizza collaboration. In the morning the space fronts as a breakfast and pastry stop, come afternoon the copper-clad wood fired stove starts slinging out some seriously delicious pizza. I'm in love for all kinds of reasons, first being the people. The staff here is SO NICE. Yes, all-caps! They were welcoming and accommodating. They helped me find an outlet and were totally fine with us taking up a table from breakfast through lunch. When businesses rush me out I become extremely agitated and my nostrils start to flare. They were also so passionate and excited to talk our reactions and impressions of the food. To me, that is the sign of a great chef: one who truly listens. Yes, they are confident in the product they produce, but they wanted to know how we were experiencing the dishes. Were we picking up the coconut texture or sweetness in the bread?

At lunch the ovens shut down and the pizza happens. And boy does it happen! The crust is pretty darn perfect. Not too thin, but not thick. I nice fluff and bubble on the crust, but letting the toppings shine. I am also quite smitten with their salads and roasted veggies. Know what makes it taste even better? Throughout the morning the staff chops wood and wheels it in to load up the furnace. Talk about wood to table!!! It truly feels like an established, family-restaurant that has been the pillar of a small-town for decades. I can't wait to see how this develops.

What to get: The haloumi 'advanced toast' is on the best bread and the cheese is perfectly grilled. As for pizza, The Steve Lieber is creamy and bright - with rich mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese.
Things to know: The space is quirky and fun. Entertaining enough for families, but spread out enough to catch up on emails in peace.

B&T Late Night Happy Hour
3113 SE Division St.
Tuesday-Thursday 9pm-Close
Friday & Saturday 10pm-Close

My name is Meredith, and I am oyster-addict. I own two shucking knives and get new friends based on how many oysters they can put away in one sitting. Oh, and when I get invited to oyster events I lose my mind.

So when I found out B&T had a brand-new, super-affordable late night happy hour I was all-kinds of dancing girl emoji. First off, there were freshly shucked oysters. So many! From Kumamoto to Shigoku, they range in price from $1.38 to $1.75 a piece. And a Chef's Dozen is only $19.50. So that is a screaming deal! Then there are the small bites,  tempura rock shrimp in spicy sauces for $9, a surprisingly delightful squid salad for $8, and oyster shooters for $1.50!! Not to mention the discounted drink menu: $2 off drafts and high ball cocktails, and $2 Rainer Tall Boy.

And if you decide to grab something that isn't on the happy hour menu, get the MISO CREAMED KALE WITH MUSHROOMS!!!

What to get: The crab roll!!! This hand roll is filled with phenomenal king and red crab, glass noodles, tobiko, and nuoc cham mayonnaise. I've had dreams about that roll. I have no idea what nuoc cham is, but I am a big fan! Oh, and during the late night happy hour it is $6!! Yes, six dollars! American paper currency. Or Visa. That's your business.
Things to know: The late night hours include Friday and Saturday!!! The new menu also includes a collection of high balls that are potent and complex!

Beajolais Nouveau at The Heathman
November 20th

Image via Heather Jones Consulting

Ready for your French language and culture lesson? Beajolais is a region in France that produces Gamay grapes. Nouveau means "new." Beajoulais Nouveau is a young red wine that is released in France on the 3rd Thursday of November. It is a tradition. A big one! The wine is released at exactly 12:01am and the celebration begins. In 2012 I was in Paris just two days after this ended. Obviously, I was tremendously sad to have missed the festivities. Lucky for me (and you!) the Alliance Francaise of Portland coordinates one heck of a celebration. This is the 14th celebration, meaning you know all of the kinks have been worked out, and it is well worth the $70 (if you are a young professional there are a handful of $60 tickets as well) for a snazzy night of wine and tasty eats at The Heathman.

Image via Heather Jones Consulting

This fancy event usually draws 400-500 attendants, and always sells out. I imagine it will sell-out especially fast this year, as rumor has it that this will be one of the best wines ever? Well, remember that hot, hot summer we had? Some may call it global warming, others may call it the sweatiest 4-months of their life. Tomatoe, Tomato. Yup, didn't just happen in Portland, France was sweaty as well!

Image via Heather Jones Consulting

While this event hasn't happened yet I really hope I will see you there!

What to get: Your ticket!!! And a fancy outfit. This is a rare occassion for true cocktail attire. You know I have been planning my outfit for weeks!
Things to know: This isn't just about wine. I've taken a peak at the menu and it is pretty darn impressive! Not to mention there will be wines from WillaKenzie Estates, Eola, and Ruby Vineyard, to name a few. Oh, and there will be cognac and French spirits.

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