2015 Holiday Gift Guide {$25 and Under}

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I'm so excited!! Today kicks off my 4-part holiday gift guide! These are all items I love, purchase, and many I will be gifting this holiday season. When selecting gifts I am committed to finding great businesses that create products or experiences that make sense for the recipient and occasion. I also like to respect my budget. And just because a gift is $25 or less does not mean it isn't thoughtful and valuable.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday - when I will be announcing the most amazing holiday giveaway - for the rest of my guides!


Giving the gift of health is not only important during the holidays, but year round. And health should be affordable for all! Pivotal is headquartered in Seattle and is on a mission to get in front of any health issues for all Americans.

Give this to: Colleagues / Running Buddies / Foodie Friends / Family


For my 23rd birthday I was gifted a subscription to my favorite magazine and it is hands down one of the best gifts I have ever received. This is an ideal gift for the person who has everything. Getting someone a subscription to a magazine will not only stretch out for the entire year, but also let someone know just how well you know them!

Give this to: Foodie Friends / Colleagues / Portland Lovers / Book Club Exchange / Family


I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream! And we all lose are minds over an ice cream club that delivers. King Creamery crafts three unique flavors each month and you get all three! I am a big fan of monthly gifts, and giving someone a collection of ice creams is pure love! 

Give them a gift certificate or have the December flavors (The best peppermint chocolate I've ever had, pineapple upside down cake, and Nutcracker!!!) delivered this month.

Give this gift to: Your office / Foodie Friend /Babysitter / Favorite PR Firm 

Coffee Scrub

Some of the best gifts are homemade. I absolutely love to give this scrub as an add-on, stocking stuffer, or to a large group. I picked up this Fait Maison jar at Kitchen Kaboodle and filled it with equal parts instant coffee grounds, coconut oil, and epsom salts.

Give this to: Colleagues / Running Club Friends / Hair Dresser / Sister / Book Club

$3.50 - $22

Candy is always a great gift. And Seattle Chocolates is relatively easy to find throughout the North West - a huge perk!! - when running errands or picking up a last minute gift. I think the holiday bars are adorable and quite tasty. I also LOVE the peppermint truffles. Coolest part? Through the #chocolategives program one meal will be donated for every purchase.

Give this to: The neighbor kids / Colleagues / Family / Hairdresser


Mindy Kaling is a goddess. She is smart, funny, insightful, and fully grasps pop-culture and social media as a 6th sense. Her latest book, Why Not Me?, is hilarious!! I love to gift my favorite books. Not only is it a valuable object, but also something that can be discussed down the road. I love receiving texts, emails or calls around February from a loved one about their thoughts on the book. It is a great way to stay in touch and extend the spirit of the season.

Give this to: Sister / Mom / Best Friend / Colleague / Babysitter / Book Club


Ethical candy that tastes delicious?! Yes, please!Tony's has been working for almost 10 years to create an industry of slave-free chocolate and revolutionizing the economics of the chocolate industry. Because of the fun shape and design, I love to break these bars up and use them for my mug cookies. Why not give these bars, mugs and a printed out recipe to your friend with a sweet tooth?

Give this to: Colleagues / Baby Sitter / Book Club / Hairdresser


  1. Awesome gift list! I agree: it's not the cost that counts, for sure. Seattle's Chocolates are SO good and who doesn't love getting good chocolate as a gift?

  2. Great roundup! Lots of good ideas for co-workers and groups (which are always some of the hardest to find gifts for). I need to try that coffee scrub!