2015 Holiday Gift Guide {Hostess Gifts}

Monday, November 30, 2015

Hello and Happy Monday!! I hope you are all well and had a wonderful Thanksgiving and (hopefully) long weekend. My weekend kicked off with a delicious dinner at Levant, a BurnCycle Turkey Burn, and a scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner. I decorated for the holidays and co-hosted a very fun brunch! I feel somewhat recharged, and ready for the madness that is the month of December.

Now that we have covered $25 and Under Gifts and My Favorite Things it is time to discuss hostess gifts!

And be sure to come back tomorrow for the final installment of my 2015 Holiday Gift Guide AND find out how you can enter the giveaway!

Breakfast Basket with Red Duck Ketchup

After a long night of entertaining your hosts probably don't want to think about what they will be making the next morning. Though leftover shrimp cocktail is delicious, it might not be appealing at 8am. Why not bring your hosts a breakfast basket for them to enjoy the next morning. Pick up Farmer's Market Eggs, thick-cut bacon, and Red Duck Ketchup's Trio pack with their classic, spicy and curry flavors!

Hostess gifts should be something the host will enjoy, not necessarily something you would enjoy. For those that don't drink alcohol, prefer hot chocolate to coffee, or have a baby on the way - this luscious drinking chocolate is perfect for kids and adults alike! 

For creative chefs or those that don't enjoy beer, bring along some hard ciders and vinegars for their enjoyment. The vinegars are especially fun to experiment with when cooking or adding to craft cocktails!

When in doubt, bring red wine! I always like to pick up a case of my favorite red wine, tie on a ribbon and card and load up my pantry. It is easy to grab when running to a last minute dinner or throw in your bag if you are heading to an event straight from work. This Robert Ramsay McKinley Springs Mourvedre is smooth, peppery, has a 91-point score, and is readily available throughout the Northwest! 

BRING A S'MORES KIT!!! Yes! Homemade marshmallows, graham crackers and top-notch Missionary chocolate. This can be shipped or picked-up and is such a fun, thoughtful and unique way to thank your host. I also think the delivery component could be extra-helpful if you have multiple events in one night and would like to send your gifts ahead instead of lugging them around!

Unless you are going to a frat party it is completely unacceptable to just bring a bottle of liquor. And since Google Analytics give me a lot of insight into who you all are, I only think three of you are going to frat parties. When bringing a bottle of booze you must bring the mixers and fruit. When it comes to the gin, don't forget the tonic and limes!

Nossa Familia Coffee +  Nuvrei Pastries

I once listened to an interview with Ina Garten and she advised that a hostess gift should always be something that can be enjoyed after the party. She specifically recommended breakfast treats. I love to bring a bag of my favorite coffee and croissants from Nuvrei so my hosts can have a casual morning the next day. 

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  1. What great ideas for hostess gifts, or I would say gifts in general. I particularly love giving chocolate as its easy to carry when traveling, and has a lot of flexibility on when it can be eaten