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Thursday, December 10, 2015

It should come as no surprise that I love the holiday season. The twinkly lights, merriment and cheer all warm my heart. It is a time filled with excitement and anticipation. A time to reconnect with loved ones and friends. Growing up, my mom would always have family photos taken in elaborate coordinating outfits in anticipation of our holiday card. The cards would be ordered in the fall and a letter would (and still is) written every year with updates on every family member. It was an epic production. A production I absolutely love.

I have tried to integrate this tradition into my own life. Which is challenging as I am single and don't have children. This would just be a color coordinated photo of me. Which is an outfit. And let's be honest, it would be black yoga pants with a black workout top, and some kind of cardigan. Purple shoes for flare. Right - so I prefer to send a no-picture holiday card.

But no-picture holiday cards can be REALLY hard to find! So hard to find! Especially when you don't want to blatantly promote Christmas, have vintage shots of baby Jesus, or have a New Year's card. After searching all of the major websites - and starting to feel bad about my single status - I decided to take things into my own hand. I found a designer on Etsy and had my cards printed through Zazzle!

Diana of Blushly Designs  was so fun to work with and really embraced my vision - and changing vision - to deliver a card that is fan, tasteful and worked seamlessly with the Zazzle platform. She was really helpful in creating wording that was warm and aesthetically pleasing, but wouldn't replicate the handwritten notes on the back. Because handwritten notes are the most important part of any card!!!

I think my favorite part of the Zazzle cards is the die-cut shapes. With many options, I loved the curves and design of this one. I selected the standard matte paper, which is nice and thick, and beautifully displays the rich greens and sharp lines of the plaid.

 While Zazzle did provide the printing of my cards all opinions are my own. I am committed to sharing businesses, artisans and experiences that I truly love! I was already on the verge of checking out when the partnership came to fruition with Zazzle. And Diana of Blushly? She is fab and an artist I want to support!

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