#ThursdayToursPDX {Galentine's Day}

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hello loves! I must say that I am so excited for the long weekend. In addition to being Valentine's Day, it is also President's Day weekend. And let's be honest, Thomas Jefferson is my forever Valentine. Even more so because I gave up ONLINE DATING FOR LENT! 

I'm heading to Bend with friends. We rented a house and have very few plans. Lots of eating, drinking and shenanigans. For Galentine's Day the single ladies are preparing a baked potato bar. So that is epic. Especially since I am one of them. ;)

And if you are in town for Galentine's Day we enlisted two great ladies to share their recommendations for great Galentine's Day spots!

The lovely Danguole from 10th Kitchen is here sharing her recommendations - and they are all awesome!! Danguole is the magician behind the super inspiring blog, 10th Kitchen. Her photos are stunning, the recipes send me to the grocery store, and her writing is lovely. And she has such a fun Snapchat account! If you aren't following her, you should.

And awesome Alexa is sharing her recommendations on Bakery Bingo today!

I know that Meredith’s lovely blog is mostly food-centered, and Finger Bang has none, but I can’t possibly put together a Galentine’s Day list without this magical place. I’d never thought of going to a nail salon (or a salon of any kind) as a thing to do for funsies, but Finger Bang has changed all that by sheer virtue of actually being a rocking good time. Not only do they serve drinks and stay open until midnight, but the talented, fun women working there don’t get frustrated if you tell them to do whatever they want to your delicate paws — in fact, they love it. Montucky tallboy + no-decisions-needed manicure = my girliest dream come true!!

I love Ambonnay on any given evening, but especially for Galentine’s, when the typical bar scene might not be your jam (if it is, the oh-so-divey Slammer is nearby, and it’s amazing). If you and your ladies have even the slightest interest in learning more about champagne, this spot is happy hour and an encyclopedia, all rolled into one impossibly charming, chandelier-lit experience. The owner, David, is a friendly, welcoming wealth of knowledge and will tell you as much — or as little — about champagne as you’d like to hear. Flights are around $20 and curated by region, style, etc. It’s not necessarily the cheapest option if you want to settle in for a long night (most bottles are in the $75-100 range), but considering the quality of both the selections and the experience, it’s worth it. Treat yo’selves.

Whether it’s in the context of romance or lady gal pal love, nothing warms my heart like sharing a cheese plate. (Or an entire cheese wheel, actually. #squadgoals #relationshipgoals) The vibe at Cheese + Crack is quirky and friendly, and the snack trays are downright artful, thoughtfully curated selections of cheeses, charcuterie, jams, pickles, etc. Many of my favorite offerings here (hello, savory oatmeal cookies) come standard, but when it’s time to make a decision, get the thing with the bruleed Brie, because it just might be the most perfect food on the planet. As for drinks, the beer and wine options, while limited, won’t steer you wrong no matter what you choose — and do you really need more than a good rosé? This place is best for two or three ladyfriends at most, as seating is pretty much limited to a bar-like setup.

For larger groups, I am very partial to Coopers Hall: part winery, part restaurant, spacious enough for ALL THE LADIES but still cozy. The lively ambiance and family-style tables lend themselves especially well to great conversation, and a huge selection of 40+ local wines, beers, and ciders on tap means you’ll definitely stay for another round. As for the food, the standouts for me are the salt cod fritters, calamari bruschetta, pork rinds, and salads. Preferably all at once — all of my friends are pro-sharing, and I don’t think that’s an accident.

All photos provided by 10th Kitchen

#ThursdayToursPDX is a collaborative series between Portland, OR bloggers {Erin} Bakery Bingo + {Meredith} Martha Chartreuse. In a city filled with amazing restaurants, artisan experiences, and fantastic tastemakers the inside scoop is a must. We will be asking our friends and fellow bloggers for their recommendations and tips for all the City of Roses has to offer.

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  1. Love the idea of Galentines and I've never heard of Finger Bang and definitely will be checking it out. Sitting for an hour getting nails done should be held to the higher standard of being a rocking good time not just maintainace!