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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring has officially sprung!!! After the rainiest Portland winter on record it appears we are in the home stretch. At least for the next 15-days!! After months of jeans, sweaters, and gray it is time to brighten up.

So let's refresh those wardrobes, bring in color and get a pedicure!!

Today I'll also be featuring all of these products on my SnapChat!! If you would like a more hands on view of these products be sure to follow along (MereCDavison) in the next 24-hours!

You may know that I work from home. This comes with so many amazing perks, but also a few challenges. Specifically, in the what to wear department! I have been on the hunt for shirts that are casual enough to wear at home with jeans but polished enough to wear to an event. A great base that holds up to sunshine or showers.

This LOFT tee has been the perfect find!! It is very soft and comfy with great details. Eyelet trim on the neck, and the elbow-sleeves makes this much more than a tee. It doesn't hurt that this shirt is super affordable. With a promo code I picked this up for $8.

This just might be the best mascara I've ever come across! What makes it so amazing? It builds beautifully, doesn't clump or flake, isn't over the top, and is easy on my contact-wearing eyes. Since adding this to the mix I have removed eyeliner from the routine and am getting more and more compliments.

YSL Oil Tint

I received this luxury lip product as a birthday gift from Mary Ellen and have been hooked ever since. This adds just enough polish and tint while still looking natural. My lips always feel very soft and it feels great.

Sinful Nail Polish

I used to be a HUGE Essie fan and had zero issue dropping $10 on a nail polish. One day I decided to pick up a Sinful polish at the drug store and my life has completely transformed. Coming in at just over $2 this is not only my most affordable beauty buy it is also my favorite. I incorporate the brand's base ($4) and topcoat ($2) for a full at home manicure. I love all of the colors and just how long my mani will stick - usually 8-12 days!!! 

Hello sandal season!

In my experience Spring is always a really hard time to find foundation. Matte is out, skin is dry, and it is time to glow. Laura Mercier makes some of the best foundations on the market and the Candleglow is no exception. A step up from the iconic tinted moisturizer, this provides more coverage while also moisturizing the skin and adding dimension.

If you are in NW Portland I recommend stopping by Blue Mercury in the Pearl and having Matt help match you!

With longer and warmer days filling the forecast it is time to start thinking about skirts, shorts and dresses. This also means exposing your skin. Whether you have dimples, love a great faux tanner, or just want a better prep to shave your legs I recommend adding exfoliating gloves to your routine.

I keep a pair in my shower and use them daily. I pump body wash AND an antibacterial face wash to not only slough off skin but to manage my keratosis pilaris and ingrown hairs. 

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