New+Noteworthy {Marukin, Portland Dining Month, and 180}

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March in Portland is always fun and exciting. As we - hopefully - transition out of rainy season the blossoms begin to bloom, the days get longer and it is always a great excuse to retire the sofa career for evening walks and dinners out. This is the month to fill-up on ramen, walk-it off, refill with xurros, then discover a new-to-you Portland restaurant!

609 SE Ankeny, Suite A

SE Portland is the place for ramen. Really, really great ramen. And the newest member of the family is Marukin - a Tokyo darling that's selected Portland to begin its American journey. I checked out Marukin at the media preview and it was hoppin! I was really impressed by how quick and excellent the service was.  The entire staff was so attentive, kind and gracious.

What to get: the tonkatsu ramen & karaage with wasabi dipping sauce!
Things to know: this is by far the most affordable ramen in Portland ($10 with all the bells and whistles) and the most popular. Lines should be expected.

Portland Dining Month

The whole month of March!

March means Portland Dining Month! In 2016 112 restaurants are offering up 3 course meals for $29!! I've already been to Cafe Castagna and will be visiting Little Bird later this week. Willow, Ataula and Muselet are also on my list.


What to get: Muselet!!! My new favorite spot has removed the 'or' and are offering 6 dishes for $29!!! Get that, add the porridge and have Ron pick your wines.  Even better, Every Saturday from 5-6:30 Muselet is hosting a complimentary wine tasting! Best night you'll have all month!!
Things to know: I recommend checking out Pech's guide for even more ideas!

2218 NE Broadway

This is a big fat duh! 180 is the hottest spot in Portland. The xurro spot is frying up the Spanish dessert to the joy of adults and kids alike. You have the option of getting traditional sugar-dusted xurros, a room-temperature chocolate-covered option, or mini-bites stuffed with a sweet filling.


What to get: The chocolate-covered xurro and the creme filled xurro.
Things to know: The space is small. This is not a spot to bring your laptop, a book or to catch-up with a good friend for an hour. Plan on getting in, eating up your xurros, licking your fingers and heading out.

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  1. Thanks for the link back... And I didn't know Muselet upped their menu for March, now I gotta go!