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Monday, May 2, 2016

Last week I had the opportunity to check out LeChon right off the waterfront and was totally blown away!!! I had such a fun evening with The Pickles, Mary, Rebekah, Pech and Sara. We spent warm evening soaking up the sun, listening to some live music (a regular Friday and Saturday occurrence), eating up the fresh South American cuisine, and enjoying a lot of really amazing cocktails.

The service was top notch and the bustling spot had an amazing energy. I think this would be an awesome spot to go after running the Waterfront loop or go on date night - think ceviche, strong cocktails and a dreamy sunset walk along the water.  The decor and design is exceptional. It felt like a long-loved neighborhood staple in Greenwich Village. This has RomCom written all over it. 

The Happy Hour menu also makes it an affordable RomCom. And flexible! HH is available on  Monday: ALL DAY, Tuesday-Friday 3pm-6pm, Tuesday-Saturday 6pm-9pm, AND Saturday 2pm-6pm. Talk about options.

Still not convinced? Check out my SnapStory for even more details.

Are you interested in learning more about Snapchat and how to curate an awesome SnapStory?? Come back tomorrow for the beginning of my 2-part series on how to master SnapChat!

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