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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Did you know that Instagram is considered a Discovery App? A platform designed to suck you in for hours of exploration, getting to know people, cities, and restaurants. As a lover of Instagram I've seriously swooned over flowing fern plants, gone gaga for a lot of diamonds, and connected with some pretty cool people. One of those people is Meghan from Fox and Briar. She has great taste, makes delicious food (I've made several recipes from the blog) and is tremendously charming.

Often times Erin and I discuss what we're finding on social media and accounts we're loving. It has inspired more than one food crawl. Through her browsing Erin found @TheHappyLittleApron! We decided it would be a good idea to ask these stylish ladies who they follow on social media.

Be sure to head on over to Bakery Bingo for Amanda's recommendations.

Take it away, Meghan!


@paperapron: Kim is an amazing food stylist and photographer, I get so much inspiration from her work.  Plus she is a super sweet person that I want to be friends with in real life.

@hungrygirlporvida: Everything Cindy does is beautiful, bright and fun.  Her drinks and desserts always blow me away.  I also love following her on Snapchat.

@themodernproper: Natalie and Holly are food styling queens.  Their photos are elegant and stylish but they make it look effortless.  

@ashamorskitchen: Ashleigh has a photography style that is a little more unique than most of the food accounts I follow.  She has a dark and moody style that is harder to achieve but she does it so well.

@feedmedearly: Gorgeous photography and styling.  I also like that she mixes in little bits of her real life, I always find that interesting.


@thelemonbowl: Following Liz on snapchat will make you feel like you are friends.  She does so much fun stuff every day, plus her workout snaps always inspire me to be more active.

@thejudylab: Judy is a fantastic photographer and food stylist.  She also travels often so you get to live vicariously through her when she is in France or some other far away location.

@mattaphoto: Matt is a professional food photographer and he often does little tutorials on snapchat.  I love all the little tidbits I have learned just from following him.  Also his snaps are just super fun to watch.

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  1. Added those Snapchat accounts! And love that Megan recommended so many Portland bloggers too!