Hello, summer!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Friends. Buddies, Pals.


Wasn't it just FEAST 2016?? BTW, FEAST 2017 tickets go on sale June 2nd.  More on that next week!!

I've been sorting out my schedule for the summer and at this point just a handful of weekends are plan-less. I'm starting to think about scheduling and life hacks to keep these activities fun, and reduce my stress. Any tips? How do you make it all work?

Awesome tips on how to chill wine. (Bon Appetit)
I think this would make a darling birthday cake. (Smitten Kitchen)
The best of Portland!!! (Bakery Bingo)
A swirling good time. (The Kitchen Paper)
Body confidence is a daily process for so many women.(Refinery29)
Feeling a Nasty Woman who just keeps persisting?? This is the event for you! (PoMo)
I've been debating this top for weeks, thoughts? (ASOS)
Floss away your blackheads. (Glamour)
Ulta is having an awesome sale, and I'm stocking up on sunscreen! (Ulta)

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