FEAST 2017: The 10 Dishes I'm Most Excited to Try

Thursday, September 7, 2017

FEAST kicks off in ONE WEEK! I'm pretty darn lucky and this is my fifth year attending. Erin and I decided to mix things up and check out a few Fun Sized events this year, in addition to Grand Tasting and Sandwich Invitational.

Bakery Bingo -- My foodie life partner

As I mentioned earlier this week, researching the lineup is clutch. I've spent several hours doing so, have followed MANY chefs, and have narrowed down the 10 dishes I'm most excited to try at FEAST 2017.

Sandwich Invitational
Revelry: Originally out of Seattle, Revelry opened in SE Portland last summer. The Asian restaurant's best dishes are noodle and dumpling based, so I'm most intrigued to see their take on a sandwich.
Soulva: INSTAGRAM SENSATION. I can't decide if they'll go the traditional gyro route or get creative and make a sandwich with their iconic frozen yogurt. 
Red Star Tavern: A hotel restaurant?? YUP! Red Star Tavern is the most consistent restaurant in downtown Portland and the entire team gets extremely creative with ingredients. 

Pelmeni inspired by Kachka

Grand Tasting
NOLA Doughnuts: Cronuts and beignets -- sign me up!
Honey Mamas: Because these are delicious and I'll take any sample available.

Drinks from FEAST 2016

The Late, Late Show
Dan Wei Canting: In case you forgot how much I LOVE their fried chicken.
Kachka: While I love the traditional pelmeni dish available year round, I'm always blown away by Bonnie's FEAST creations.

Dan Wei Canting 

Vegetables: A Love Story
Butcher + Bee: The Nashville and Charleston spot has been on my list for ages. I'm elated to finally get a taste.
Junebaby: Southern veggies are the best veggies. A Southern chef based in Seattle? Bring on the creative twists.
Salad for President: 1. Amazing name 2. SALAD! 3. You follow her on Instagram, right? Badass.

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