Friday Five

Friday, January 10, 2014

I hope you all had a great first full week back post holiday madness!  In order to get back into a routine I'm planning on being very low-key this weekend.  I am attending a brunch Sunday morning then my roommate and I are going to a red carpet and Golden Globes viewing party on Sunday.  I'm also going to be working on a project that will be up on the blog next week.

Do you have any big plans this weekend? 



Friday Five
Here are five things I'm really loving right now!  Would love to hear any tips or suggestions you may have!
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Over the Holidays I received the Vinylux Top Coat!  As a lover of Shellac manicures but a real "disliker" of all the maintenance and expense, this is the perfect solution.  I'm able to use my favorite polishes and keep them chip free for 7-10 days by using this as a top coat.  The key is to make sure each layer dries completely.

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Anyone who has talked with me in the last 9 months knows I am really, really excited about Pope Frankie!  In addition to being a Jesuit, he is also fun-loving and an animal lover.   I can only hope to get a voice mail this great!

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I still need to watch this week's episode of Parenthood!  While most shows seem to hit a lull after Season 3 this one just keeps getting better and better.  I even picked Monica Potter to win a Golden Globe this Sunday! 

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For some reason unknown to me I have been craving fish'n'chips.  While I always enjoy a fried dinner this baked fish and chips recipe from my girl Martha may be the perfect compromise!  Afterwards, I can treat myself to the Warrior smoothie!  While avocado, strawberry, dates, maca powder, almond milk and hemp seed may sound odd, this masterpiece beats anything you can find at Orange Julius.

While I love, love, love driving 15 minutes and paying $7.50 for the previously mentioned smoothie, that can only happen once every 3-5 weeks.  Which is why I really want/need a NutriBullet for all of its smoothie making powers.  I could even use fancy infused water while eating fruit out of these beautiful bowls.  A pretty idyllic picture, yes.  All for the Warrior smoothie!

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