Paris in Portland with Peachbuzzed

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I always factor in the restrooms when judging a restaurant.  I think it says a lot about the establishment.  Do the owners care about the little details?  Is hygiene a top priority?  Do they remember patron's needs -- good lighting and dry shampoo-- when hitting the loo?

This past weekend I was able to have lunch at Maurice with my friend Peaches!  The bathroom is absolutely fantastic!  The most charming translations of "Attention" have been painted throughout.  Its bright, fresh and cheery!

Oh, wait!  The food!  Yes, yes!  It was fantastic!!!  Hence, why the exclamation mark count for this review is off the charts.  While this is a new addition to the Portland food scene I had heard a lot of great things. It did not disappoint!  Every last detail was pure perfection.  Not at all pretentious.  But so very inspiring. 

We each started off with drip coffees.  They were tasty and certainly woke me up.  
The cups and silver creamer were a great touch!

I had the Lefse with Gravlax, Creme Fraiche and Caviar.  
It was a bright and fresh dish; not at all fishy.

Peaches had chicken pot pie's fancy, elegant, gourmet cousin.  And a cutie.  Never forget the deliciousness of a cutie.  

We split one of the most delicious pastries I have ever consumed.  Paris status pastry magic!  If a donut married a brioche roll and lived in a house made of eclairs and nutella this is what it would produce.  And it would be called, perfection! 

In addition to the fantastic food and snazzy salle de bain, the service was top notch!  Our server, James, was an absolute delight.  He was funny, knowledgeable and completely tolerated my obsession with the bathroom.  The owner and food artist Kristen kindly answered all of my questions about her food, social media accounts, the bathroom, and, the beautiful plates.  She is truly passionate about Maurice, and it shows in every detail.

One more for posterity's sake!

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  1. When I was little, I would always "need" to go to the bathroom at a restaurant and then proudly report back to my parents what it was like. I have no idea where the obsession came from! I still tend to judge places based on their bathrooms today! Haha.