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Monday, March 3, 2014

A very sweet reader and friend, Kathleen, suggested I share some of my favorite kitchen gadgets.  While I have many wonderful items, mostly thanks to very generous friends and family, these are the tools I use multiple times a week.  

Image via Macy's

Since lemons and cheese are two of my favorite ingredients it only makes sense that this microplane zester is on the list.  It ensures my poached eggs are extra fancy with no-extra-effort!

Image via Martha Stewart Weddings

Continuing my passion for citrus products the juicer has been a real life saver.  While most recipes can be accomplished by hand squeezing, this juicer is fast, easy and makes sure nothing is wasted.  It also helps avoid seeds getting mixed into the food.

Image via Sur La Table

While it may not be the most glamorous kitchen gadget purchases it may be one of the most effective tools.  I prefer my whisks be stainless steel, have a heavy handle, and, have thick threads.  I have found all of these factors to contribute to a better hollandaise sauce, fluffy frittata , and 

Image via Amazon

Perhaps the most versatile kitchen gadget; my ice scream scoop collection earns its keep far beyond dishing up frozen balls of churned goodness!  I have several different sizes and use them when making cookies, meatballs, falafels, and fritters.  I'm particularly attached to the spring-loaded style that cleanly releases the food to ensure equal portions and easy cleanup.

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  1. Great gadgets! We need to get our hands on a citrus juicer...we love citrus in our house, too!