An Ode to Authenticity

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

When I started this blog I knew that I wanted it to be authentic.  Authentically Mere..errr... Martha Chartreuse.  I want it to include great recipes, craft projects and home decor.  But, I also want to share things outside of those interests.  Like beauty posts or reflections on life.  And, I always want this to be honest and attainable.  I want to be realistic about budget and time constraints.  Souv vide duck just isn't going to happen right now.  Roast chicken, now that is a regular thing here!


I never want anything to feel forced.  I also do not want to put out an image of "perfection" or have anyone leaving with the "OMG. WHY  ISN'T MY LIFE SO PRETTY?!?  What is wrong with me?  I need to go out and buy everything from Sur La Table?  BLEGH.  LIFE IS HORRIBLE."  Instead, when stopping by (and hopefully staying awhile) you leave thinking, "Wow!  I can do that!  I just need to grab one thing!  Let's throw a dinner party this weekend!  It will be fun and easy!  YAY!"

So, why this ramble about me! me! me! and all of my wants and desires?

Well, I have several different posts in draft mode and they just don't feel authentic.  Maybe they will get there, but, my voice is absent from these posts.  So, instead, I am going to share a few teasers and spoilers about these pending posts.  Or, better described as, the voices in my head.  Hang tight.

Spring Cleaning

Why are my baseboards so dirty?  
How do I get historic aka banged up wood floors clean and shiny?  
Is there a way to make my closet more functional without putting money and labor into it?  
Why are mops so expensive?  
How much is a cleaning service?  
Pinterest, you are so overwhelming!!!
Pinterest, I LOVE YOU!!!
Bah!  I still haven't cleaned!

This is hard!!!  The evening news has made it clear Kimye is on the cover of Vogue.
This is so calming!!!  I love not being caught up in other people's drama.  My conversation is so meaningful.
What is the difference between gossip and venting?
Is talking about Bono's path to being an advocate to eradicate AIDS gossip?!?!?!
Ooooh!  Chocolate bunnies are so yummy.

Hot Rollers Tutorial

My cousin suggested I do hot roller tutorial.
Should I?
Who would photograph?
Or, should I film?
Would anyone like that?
Would I need to be in an apron to make this work with the rest of the blog?
Does anyone want to see this?



  1. BAH! This is hilarious and awesome. I look forward to each and every one of these posts.