Friday Five {What I've Been Drinking}

Friday, April 25, 2014

One of the greatest challenges I have with blogging is the completely self-centered and egocentric nature of it.  It requires a mixture of confidence, narcissism and vulnerability. While I always strive to be authentic, I really struggle with being open and not becoming completely consumed with ME.  Because, in all reality, Martha Chartreuse is a journal of my thoughts, feelings, projects, concerns and consumption.  Not because I have an inflated concept of self, but, because I want to share great finds, recipes and projects!  I would love to know what you would like to see featured on the blog, the products you love, and learn more about you you you!!!

Because at the end of this post the personal pronoun count is a whopping: 39

Please, tell me more about you!!!

But until then, what I have been drinking....

Mint Tea
I drink A LOT of tea.  Several pots a day status.  While I try to pick up a few different options I always have a box or two of Moroccan Mint on hand!

Aria Gin + Grapefruit Juice
I met Ryan at The Wildwood and absolutely fell in with his take on gin!  Aria is not of the Christmas Tree variety but far more subtle and enjoyable.  I have yet to make this drink for a guest and they weren't asking for seconds.  I mix with with freshly juiced grapefruit and a few dashes of orange bitters.

Nighty Night
I was recently gifted a Conscious Box!  While the collection of goodies included many wonderful items my favorite sampler was the Night Night tea.  I had one cup an hour before bed time and didn't wake up once. That is not a normal for me.  The next morning I was refreshed, well rested and full of energy.  Not at all groggy!
Cucumber Lemon Water
When I am not chugging cups of tea, I am chugging glasses of water.  I'm a big fan of hydration!  In order to mix things up, I make pitchers of cucumber lemon water.  I slice up half of a cucumber and one lemon and let the water infuse for at least 5 hours.  I continue to add room temperature water to the pitcher which I keep refrigerated.  
Pinot Noir
I have a confession to make; I know very, very little about wine!  I know I like it.  I am a fan of reds.  And whites.  Not so much with the pinks.  Prefer things to be on the not-sweet side.  I think that means I like my wine dry?? I have no idea if there are notes of raspberries or cherry blossoms filled with hugs and rainbows.  It is a travesty.  Did I mention Oregon is a top wine producer in the world?  My lack of knowledge is embarrassing. What I do know is that I LOVE the Underwood 2012 Pinot Noir!  It is delicious, affordable and local!  A+++ in my book.


  1. I love "spa water" as my grandma used to call it. Lemon/Cucumber/Orange whatever water. It's so good. I also feel like a celeb. ha ALWAYS nice.

  2. I struggle with the me, me, me thing of blogging as well. I second guess so many blog post ideas and end up never writing them. And yet, I love reading about other people and what they are doing and their interests.

  3. I'm going to have to try to find that gin. I want to make a drink with gin but the Christmas tree variety isn't appealing to me!