Weekend Highlights {Broder Nord, The Meadows, Dutch Baby}

Monday, April 28, 2014

Hello Lovelies!!  I hope you all had a glorious weekend!  Mine was very relaxed and fun.  I had zero obligations and was able to do exactly what I wanted.  I realized last week that this was my first weekend since November that didn't have commitments, tasks or chores.  I didn't even have my meals planned!  I was able to have a really fun brunch with a friend and went on a few walks, but, a majority of the time was spent on the sofa.   I am secure enough to admit I binge-watched Grey's Anatomy.  I also watched American Hustle (no idea what all the fuss is about) and philosophized with the dog.      

Broder Nord
On Saturday, a friend and I went to Broder Nord!  While I am a big, big fan of the original location I hadn't made it to the new spot in North Portland.  Both locations specialize in Swedish food, hospitality and overall goodness!  We arrived around 10:30am and were seated immediately!!!  That is absolutely unheard of for the Portland Brunch scene.  Or any brunch scene, I am sure!  We started off with coffee and I was pleasantly surprised that they steamed the milk.  A simple step that makes all the difference.  Another great thing about Broder is that most of the breakfast options come with sides that can be sweet or savory.  Honestly, it is almost like breakfast tapas!  It allows for anyone to get a nice balance of menu items without breaking the bank OR over ordering.  I imagine I will be back sooner rather than later. 

 Drip coffee with steamed milk!

 I had the Swedish Meatballs with walnut toast, a potato pancake and half a grapefruit {not pictured}

My friend had the chevre egg bake with a side of walnut toast and an apple fritter!

The Meadows
After breakfast we headed up to North Mississippi to walk around and continue our conversation.  My friend, Jessica, is one of the smartest, sweetest and most interesting people I know.  We never run out of things to talk about!  North Mississippi is a very hip street filled with awesome restaurants and really fun shops.  The Meadows specializes in salt, chocolate, bitters and flowers.  If you are ever in Portland I highly recommend stopping by one of the shops.  It is a truly beautiful experience and lovely space.  I was especially smitten with the fresh flowers.

Dutch Baby + The Highest Compliment

On Sunday morning I wanted to make something special for breakfast but failed to plan for bacon, french toast or eggs benedict when grocery shopping.  Using what I had, I pulled together a GIANT dutch baby pancake.  It ended up being far too big, but, has been added to my "must make" list for visitors and at-home brunch events. 

And on Sunday evening I received the HIGHEST compliment from a dear friend and one of Martha Chartreuse's biggest supporters; a picture of Savory Breakfast Croissant Casserole!  I was so happy she took the time to make one of my recipes and that it turned out so well!  
Photo Cred: SLS


  1. I binge-watched the entirety of Grey's Anatomy over a two-month period (that's a LOT of Grey's...I regret nothing!). I will definitely have to check out the new Broder location. I went to the Clinton street one once and never wanted to wait in that line again!

  2. I love Broder Nord, but I haven't tried the original Broder yet - I need to go there soon! :)

  3. Whenever my husband and I finally make the trip up to Portland (which I hope is sooner rather than later!), I will be writing down all of your restaurant recommendations and taking them along. Constantly drooling looking at all of the incredible food!