Friday Five {Questions for you}

Friday, May 16, 2014

Today I am headed up to Seattle to help celebrate my beautiful cousin and her upcoming nuptials!  
I arrive tonight and will be attending a BBQ at my aunt and uncle's house.  The next morning will be the shower and then all of the ladies will dress to impress for her bachelorette party!

I will be taking the Bolt Bus up which just so happens to have Wi-Fi.  Making this the perfect opportunity to catch up on a few blogs and read your answers to the questions below!  Be sure to have an email attached to your comments--I love responding!

Portland is getting a Lobster house?!?!  I am so excited!  Are you lob-STAH fans?

Rachel, Erin, Annie, Claire and I got together last weekend.  While many things came up in conversation the most unusual topic was butter coffee.  We were all equally perplexed and intrigued.  Have you heard of this?  Would you try it?

Joy the Baker's New Book looks amazing!!!  Are there any cookbooks you are loving?

Using math to find a mate.  Would you do this?  How did you find your special someone?

Did you see last night's Grey's Anatomy finale?  I've been watching the show since the very beginning and this was by far the best finale the show has ever had.  It is actually in my Top 10 favorite episodes!  Did you or do you watch Grey's?  Favorite shows right now?


    2. Need butter coffee stat
    3. Do you listen to Joy the B podcasts?
    4. By accident!
    5. No I need to hear about it!

  2. 1 : I've only had Lobster a few times. When we lived in CT and when we visited Boston. Not a lot of Lobster around here! It's so good though.

    2 : I've not tried butter coffee but want to try it but think it's so odd.

    3 : Against All Grain cookbook - everything has been so good. Otherwise I haven't found anything super motivating lately.

    4 : We met the first week of college. That math thing is interesting though.

    5 : I used to watch Grey's but stopped watching this year because I was bored with it. But I'm intrigued now!

    have a good trip!

  3. I was REALLY excited reading this at first thinking it was going to be a post on butter coffee!! Fingers crossed you try it soon. :)
    1. Yes, totally a lobster fan as long as I don't have to cook it myself.
    2. No to butter coffee, but I want to see you enjoy it!
    3. I got the Butter Baked Goods (speaking of butter?) cookbook like 6 months ago and I'm still slightly obsessed.
    4. We were drunk at a fraternity party - haha! But I'm a total nerdy accountant so I love the idea of using math to find someone! I'd actually heard about this study before, I think it's pretty interesting, but possibly not the best approach.
    5. Not so into Grey's... is it mean to say that show should have ended a long time ago?

  4. 1. Lobster is good, but it's from the wrong coast! I'm a Dungeness crab girl at heart. (Having said, there's a pretty authentic and delicious lobster food cart at the otherwise-unappetizing Cartlandia pod on SE 82nd. Check it!)
    2. I could say a lot about butter coffee, but in short, it's a good thing. I put heavy cream in my daily coffee (which is essentially un-churned butter), and although the butter coffee trend is overhyped, more fat in our diets is better for us, say I.
    3. I'm loving Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans.
    4. I haven't met him yet, but by online dating, we're using math in a way, right?!
    5. Nope. Stopped watching six-ish years ago. Not sad about it.