Oh hey, where have you been?? {Stay With Me}

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hello There!!!  How have you been?  Is everything ok?  Is your heart in tact?  Are you healthy?  Where have you been???

I wish I could say I skipped out on blogging because I won the lottery and decided to take my entire family to Ireland!  Or, that I have been eradicating E.Coli.  It may even be acceptable if I had lost all inspiration and had nothing to share with you.  Unfortunately//Unfortunately//Fortunately, none of these things are true.

The truth of the matter is, I just haven't felt like photographing all of the fun things I have been doing.

A horrible excuse; I know!!

How about I tell you what I have been doing and you let me know what, or if, you would like to know more about it?!?!

I made my own ricotta.  LIFE CHANGING.

With that ricotta I made a pretty tasty crostini.

I made that ricotta because I had leftover milk from making ice cream.

I made ice cream because the neighbors just welcomed their sweet baby, Olive.

I actually ate a deli container of castelvetrano olives in less than a week.  

Despite the belly ache, I made two batches of my addictive rice krispy treats this week.

The first, for dinner at Rachel's.

The other, was for a neighborhood BBQ.

I have the coolest neighbors.

And the neatest friends.

My family is really amazing.

Martha Chartreuse's readers are the bee's knees!!

And you all make me feel so tremendously wonderful.

Thank you for checking in.

And making sure I hadn't fallen off anything.

Or contracted some kind of illness.

So let me know if there is anything you would like to see around here.

And please, won't you Stay With Me?!?!


  1. I've been right there with you! Welcome back!

    And...I LOVE that song so much.