Goals for June {Breaking and Making Habits}

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Can you believe June is just a few days away?  It actually gives me knots in the stomach area.  I think this is a key sign of adulthood--when time flies by.  Another sign of adulthood is getting into a routine.  They say it takes 21-days to make something a habit.  For me, I think it takes a bit longer. Except for the bad ones.  I adopt those real quick.  

That is why I am taking the month of June to focus on adding a few good habits and breaking a very bad one.  And, to help me be accountable I will report back with a weekly status report.  

Are there any habits you need to purge from your life?  Is there anything you would like to add to your life? Maybe you just want to cleanse something out of your life for the month then slowly reintroduce it.  No matter what, I would love to know what you are doing!

One Hour of Exercise A Day

I live a very sedentary life and I hate to admit it, but, it is starting to show.  For the month of June I challenge myself to incorporate one hour of exercise into my life every day.  This may be something intense like a spin class or pilates.  It could also be something as simple as going for a walk in the neighborhood or doing light weights and stretching while watching TV.

End of Day Shut Down

While I used to be a stickler for the end of day shut down routine, in February and March I really got out of the habit.  Unfortunately, I have not gotten back into it.  EODSD requires that I leave no dishes in the sink, no pots or pans on the stove, all ingredients and tools are put away and the counters are wiped down.  This also includes tidying the dining room table and living room.  Meaning no junk is collecting on the table, all dishes have been picked up and the blankets are folded.  

Couch Lounging, No Mas!

Couch lounging is my jam.  I absolutely love it.  It is the perfect way to snooze away a Sunday after a busy week and wild weekend.  Couch lounging is not appropriate 5-days a week.  A few weeks ago I had my first free Sunday in months.  I skipped church, made a giant breakfast and parked it on the couch.  I watched trashy TV, was in and out of consciousness and began to morph into a cat.  It was fabulous!  Because it was so great I kept the party going and have been lounging on the couch several nights a week.  The tv is on, but I'm not actually watching anything.  I just scroll through Instagram and play Seven Degrees of Separation on Wikipedia.  My new rule is that I am only allowed to lounge on the couch if I am REALLY watching a show or moving, taking a nap or reading a book.  


  1. Good luck! I like going for walks! lol

  2. I love the End of Day Shut Down idea. It's something I've been wanting to incorporate! I keep telling myself that I will *when* we move, but there's no time like the present? Even if there's boxes and clutter all around, I can still wash the dishes!

  3. My shut down goal is to somehow not surf Pinterest, FB, Instragram, etc. in bed for an hour each night... I feel like I'm getting elbow issues from holding my bent arms up for so long!