Friday Five {Breakfast With Dad}

Friday, June 13, 2014

I think it is pretty obvious that a home cooked meal is one of my love languages.  A beautifully plated meal or a giant pot of soup is how I let people know I care about them.  I'm actually asked on a very regular basis if I have ever considered making cooking a profession.  I always answer, "No, I only do this for people I really, really like."  Charming, I know.

{Ain't no party like a re-lighting of your baptismal candle party}

Well, how we show love is something we learn, and, cooking as a symbol of my adoration is something I got from my parents.  Growing up, my dad was always responsible for getting us to school in the morning.  This included driving us,  patiently waiting on my multiple outfit changes, and, making breakfast.  Let me tell you, Jim makes the best breakfasts!!!

Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Chocolate chip pancakes are such a fun and decadent treat, child or adult, and my dad knows that.  On the morning of my high school graduation I woke up to four chocolate chip pancakes.  Each pancake had a number designed in chocolate chips {2-0-0-5} to commemorate the big day!  Looking back, I was probably a less than gracious recipient and Jim probably thought I didn't even notice.  
Of course I noticed!!  I tell this story all of the time.  
Just didn't have the 'Gram to document it with the hash tag #RealMenMakeTheirChildrenCustomPancakeArt 

Egg In The Basket
Are there any recipes you really struggle with?  For me, that is Egg In The Basket.  My dad is the best EITB maker in the whole wide world.  I have no idea what he does, but they are always perfect.  I imagine it requires a certain kind of patience.  Knowing how long to toast the bread and when to crack in the egg.  Waiting for the perfect moment to flip it over; never breaking the yolk but keeping the egg nice and runny.  It makes sense that my dad is really great at this, he is an incredibly patient person.  He has a lot of his plate, both personally and professionally, but consistently amazes everyone with his commitment and kindness to others.  

French Toast
French toast is a basic breakfast dish.  The dish you make when the bread has one day left and the fridge is nearly empty.  A "pull together what I have" kind of meal.  Somehow, my dad has always made this a special meal.  If this means he runs out to the back yard and picks fresh berries or topped it with fancy butter and a generous drizzle of syrup; he always makes it nice.  But, that is who he is.  He wants things to be nice for others.  He is an amazing host and always goes above and beyond for others.  He doesn't just help little old ladies grab jars of olives at the grocery store, but,  inquires about their well being, offers to take their groceries to the car and sincerely wishes them well.  Heck, if anyone asked him to follow them home and help unload their groceries I am pretty sure he would do it.  That's just who he is.  

The waffle iron is a relatively new addition to my parent's kitchen.  Even though we have all moved out and only come home one or two times a year, he is still committed to his breakfast game.  Did I mention my mother hates breakfast food?  My dad loves to learn.  He is incredibly inquisitive and rarely rests on his laurels.  This past Fall he audited a college course on the History of Montana.  The man already has a wealth of knowledge about our home state but that didn't hold him back.  He also researches different technologies, keeps up with pop culture and insists NPR is playing in every vehicle, room and office space.  He actually knew about Fun before Stephanie and me.  

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee
Big Jim has the gift of gab.  He LOVES to talk with people!  I am pretty sure one of his favorite activities is enjoying a giant pot of coffee {or a single malt scotch} with his family and friends.  He loves sharing stories, hearing what is going on with other people and discussing current events.  He also really loves history.  The man is a smarty pants.  That doesn't limit his audience though.  My parents don't have grand children yet, so they have developed really special relationships with their great-nieces and nephews.  He is especially close with my cousin V.  They could play with Legos for hours; discussing mid-evil times for hours or the latest happenings of the Fourth grade.  I have never met anyone who is so gifted at talking to anyone about anything!!

My Dad isn't just a father to my sisters and me.  He has mentored and supported so many people.  This includes family members, students that interned for him decades ago and some of my friends.  He is the embodiment of "It Takes a Village" at the breakfast table and in every other aspect of his life.

Happy Father's Day to all of the dads and strong male role models out there!!



  1. One of each of these things, please!!!

    Have you ever heard of Krazy Eggs? It's one of my favorite things to eat! You cut a block of cheddar cheese into slices and place the slices/chunks into a glass baking dish so that you create 9 wells (a 9x9 grid of sorts). Then you crack an egg into each well and top with Krazy Salt! So good!

  2. This is such a sweet post! Food is such a great way to show people you care, and that's so fun you have all these memories with your dad - I definitely have similar memories with my own dad! Also, I agree with Rachel and I am now dying for some chocolate chip pancakes!

  3. Your dad sounds pretty darn great! And I agree, I love when guys are into making breakfast. My dad also was the breakfast guy. My favorite was when he made Dutch Babys, which my brother and I named "puffy pancakes." He even made them for me on my wedding day! Dads are the best. Great post!