Pressed Sandwich {Picnic Perfect}

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Last month, my neighbors welcomed a beautiful baby girl.  To help celebrate her arrival and support them as new parents everyone in our community has been taking turns making them dinner.  Since the weather has been so nice I wanted to bring them a meal that they could take outdoors, if they desired.
I made a simple salad, peaches with fresh ricotta, sparkling lemonade and potato chips.  While that was all very yummy and nutritious, for the most part, I wanted the main part of the meal to be really special.  You see, they named their little lady Olive; the perfect ingredient for a pressed summer sandwich!!  If you've never had a pressed sandwich, prioritize it.  After stuffing a large round roll of crusty bread with cured meats, cheeses, veggies and spreads; it is tightly wrapped and pressed under a heavy stack of books for 4-6 hours and marinates into a magical sandwich.

This sandwich will feed a large crowd.  One large round will serve between 8-10 people.  To get the best quality products, at a reasonable price, I recommend visiting the deli department.  If at all possible, avoid picking up pre-sliced meats and cheeses.  The cost will quickly add up and the cut will be too thick.  Also, going to the cheese and meat counter is the best!!!  Personally, I always go to City Market.

Pressed Italian Sandwich

1- Large Round Loaf of Crusty Bread
1/6 LB Thinly Sliced Mortadella
1/6 LB Thinly Sliced Spicy Salami
1/6 LB Thinly Sliced Salami
1/4 Cup Olive Tapenade
1 Jar Red Pepper; sliced
1-2oz Mozzarella Ball; sliced
1/6LB Thinly Sliced Provolone
1/4 Cup Pesto
1/8 Cup Mayo

Start with a large, round crusty loaf of bread.

Cut the loaf in half and cut out the bread.

In the bottom half, spread out olive tapenade.

Layer half of the muffaletta 

Add the red pepper

Add half of the regular salami.

Add half of the spicy salami.

Layer mozzarella. 

Layer remaining muffaletta and the spicy salami.

Add the provolone

Layer the rest of the regular salami.  Spread out pesto on the lid.

Spread mayo into the pesto.

Close up the sandwich and tightly wrap with cling wrap.

In the fridge, use a heavy book or cooking pan with several books to weigh down the sandwich.  Every two hours, flip the sandwich.  Press between 6-8 hours.


  1. Love this!!!! You make it seem so easy!

  2. Looks so wonderful! I've seen so many of these online and have been meaning to try it myself. How sweet of you to make such a delicious meal for the new parents!