Friday Five {American Wish List}

Thursday, July 3, 2014

In case you didn't get the memo, tomorrow is America's birthday!!  While I do believe July is the tackiest month of the year, and, the 4th of July is far from my favorite holiday, I do love paying homage to the ones I love with birthday posts.  And I LOVE America.  I love the Constitution.  Five Favorite Presidents is one of my favorite games.  EVER.  If you don't know when Inauguration Day is, we'll never get married.  I also enjoy checking out new cities and experiences throughout the United States, continental and island like.  While my travel list is ever growing, visiting these five destinations would give me great joy and happiness!!  

Have you been?  Where do you want to go?  What are your plans for the holiday weekend??

Be safe and make good life choices, butter beans!!

Crater Lake, OR

Located less than five hours from Portland, Crater Lake is really high on my list.  I would love to go down and explore the area for at least four days.  Maybe camp for two and then stay at the Crater Lake Lodge!!

Tree House Point, WA

This property is located outside Seattle and is an adults-only retreat made up of individual tree houses!!  Do I really need to say anything else??

Key West, FL

Clear water, white sand beaches and Ernest Hemingway's favorite drinking hole?!?!  Key West sounds like the perfect way to ring in a winter birthday!!

Charleston, SC

Known for historic architecture, the most well-mannered gentlemen, and amazing food--Charleston, SC has Martha Chartreuse written all over it!

Nashville, TN

Country Music. Check.  On the water.  Check, Check.  Hopping Night Life. Check, Check, CHECK!!  Nashville needs to get in my life, stat!  


  1. Tree houses?! That is genius! I agree with a lot on your list and also really want to go to the national parks, like Yellowstone, Yosemite, Mount Rushmore, etc. but feel like I need to do a roadtrip for that and I really hate roadtrips... I also have been dying to see Arches in Utah.