As Seen On Instagram {Dos}

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

This post should actually be titled "Some photos seen on Instagram.  The things I eat.  Mere, you're 27, don't take selfies on laundry day!!!"

If anyone knows me, they know I am overly obsessed with my hair.  Well, per Rachel's recommendation I went to Marissa at 1907 House for a MUCH needed trim!!  One of the best cuts I've ever had!!!

Rhubarb Pistachio Danish at Lovejoy Bakers!!!

My apartment complex has a new fire-pit!!  If you can't find me this summer, that's where I shall be.

Maurice NEVER EVER disappoints.  


Kicked off Summer with Erin!!!

The neighbors came over for pineapple beers on the deck!!

Made mussels in a lemony pancetta red sauce.  Highly probable a recipe is in your future.

This dress is LOUD, but I love it.  Please note: laundry day in the back!

The tropical acai bowl at Kiva is a game changer!!!

This is from the week I went on four dates with four men.  All of whom have names that start with "J."  It was a long and exhausting week, but, Teote was AMAZING!!!

Made a mixed salad with grilled peaches and burratta.  Sure to be repeated!!!


  1. All of this food looks sooo good! It's making me hungry!

    I love your new cut :) Nothing like a fresh one!

  2. That salad at the bottom looks so good! And I totally agree that Maurice and Teote are fabulous!! Loved making a cameo in your post!! xoxo

  3. Ummm YUM! Love Joy Bakers can seriously do no wrong.

    Isn't instagram addicting? :)

  4. I am quickly learning to take Rachel's advice when it comes to things! and your haircut is just another reason

  5. Whoa, whoa, WHOA. Four dates?! I need an update! I'mma 'bout to plunge back into the dating pool. Wheee.

    Thumbs up for Teote. I loved the food cart (Fuego de Lotus), but I love the restaurant even more.