Friday Five {Pacific Pie Co}

Friday, July 18, 2014

This week, I had the opportunity to check out Pacific Pie Co's new menu that will be debuting next week, and was blown away by all of the tasty treats.  I had enjoyed a PPC fruit pie on Pie Day but had had only heard about the savory dishes.  I was a bit skeptical that a shop filled with sweet stars could master savory treats.  Let me tell you, I was W-R-O-N-G!!!!  I've already planned a return trip to enjoy a giant plate of my favorite savory dish!


{Chocolate Pecan Pie}

{Strawberry Rhubarb Pie}

This chocolate-pecan pie bite was really amazing!!  It is a great mixture of textures and flavors-not too sweet with a nice salty crunch.  It actually reminds me of a pie my sister Steph always made.  She is actually coming to visit in a few weeks and I have this penned into our calendar!!  The strawberry-rhubarb pie bites were delicious!!

{Polenta with Creamy Mushroom Sauce}

{Savory Pasties}

I was really blown away by the polenta with a creamy mushroom sauce!!  How blown away?  Mushrooms are my top priority for Saturday's Farmer's Market!!!  I also really enjoyed the bite sized samosas with a light curry sauce.  And come this fall?  The mini-chicken pot pie will be a go-to!

{Pie Shake}

{Refreshing G&T}

Have you ever heard of a pie shake??!?  I had not, but, my life has been changed!!  Pie and ice cream blended together!!  You even have the option of adding a little booze.  The Chocolate Bourbon Hazelnut Pie Shake is every Nutella lover's dream.  For me, I really loved the Key Lime Pie Shake.  It was refreshing and not overly sweet.  

{Nom Nom Nom}

The space and location is absolutely amazing!  Located on 23rd and Savior in NW Portland, this spot is within walking distance from my apartment and moments away from amazing shops, Forest Park and the Pearl District.  Live on the East side?  Fret not, it is just blocks away from the street car!!

Sara & Co
{The Menu}

I have a very unique palette.  You see, if the service or people are less than pleasant I get a horrible taste in my mouth.  This predicament has ruined some really amazing oysters.  It is sad.  Thankfully, Sara and the entire staff at Pacific Pie Co. is absolutely wonderful.  They were the most lovely hosts and so fun to chat with!

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