Roasted Radishes with Honey & Mint

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

After a really intense and long heat wave, Portland has finally started to cool off.  Things are still in the high 70's and low 80's, but, it feels breezy in comparison to what we've had.  Actually, on Sunday I was able to wear jeans for the first time since May.  And, while I loved the comfort of my well worn denim, I also started to feel some Summertime Sadness.  For a multitude of reasons, I needed an emotional hug via roasted food.  And, the cool weather allowed me to make my favorite chicken, mushroom risotto and and roasted radishes.  What can I say, I was feeling all the feels?!

These roasted radishes are super duper easy, delicious and so interesting.  They also follow my favorite recipe style of throwing things together.  It doesn't hurt that they are incredibly beautiful!  

Roasted Radishes with Honey & Mint
1 bunch of radishes

1.  Preheat oven to 425 Degrees.  Wash, trim and halve your radishes.
2.  On a baking sheet, toss the radishes with a healthy drizzle of EVOO, salt and pepper.  The radishes should be evenly coated in the oil and seasonings.
3.  Bake for 6 minutes and flip the radishes.  Return to the oven for 6-8 more minutes.  Until the radishes begin to blister and begin to brown. Finely chop 6-8 leaves of mint.
4.    Remove the radishes from the oven and immediately sprinkle the mint, drizzle honey and add a smallish pat of butter to the hot radishes.  
5.  Once the butter has melted toss all of the ingredients and serve immediately.  


  1. YUM!!! Kristi loves honey! We might make these!

  2. Oh that sounds good. I never would have thought to put that combo of ingredients together. Good idea!