Friday Five {Pin the Pain Away}

Friday, August 15, 2014

I need to be honest: this week has completely kicked my butt.  Despite all of my prep, planning and list making this #vacationhangover was intense and painful.  To fight off crumpling up and crying on the floor I have taken more than a few Pinterest breaks.  

How are all of you doing?  Any tricks for getting back into routine?  What are you loving right now?

Camille Styles just put up a great guide on how to pull together the perfect bagel bar.  UHM, yes please!!!

This calls for one simple hash tag.  #truthstatement

It has been hot and humid in Portland.  Not the most complimentary elements for my hair.  This style is polished, cool and easy!  

While telling my sister about all of my besties she warned me to be careful with my heart.  I have to admit, as I have gotten older, I've become quite generous with my love.  And I have no intention of stopping!

Skinny jeans and boots season is just around the corner.  Making my  tan fat is better than pale fat theory for shorts season completely obsolete.  This workout actually seems doable.  

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  1. I've totally been pinning my pain away this week! I don't know why, but it seems to be helping! I've been so stressed over selling our home, building and designing a new one and having to move out of our house to rent for a few weeks . . . pinterest is my new best friend. Well that, and wine!