I went on vacation {Part: Maybe this is the "Staycation" part}

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Where were we??  Oh yes, I was flying back to Portland from Montana.  Sorry about the delayed continuation of this thrilling series!!

My sister and I flew back to Portland, went on an eating and exploring tour, and awaited our parental unit's arrival so we could head to the beach!

Blue Star Donuts.  Highest quality powdered sugar in the history of the world!

My future wedding caterer!

Lan Su Gardens


Tranquility in the city.

Mooncake.  NOT my cup of tea.  Pun, intended.

Tea ceremony.

Yummy tea!

Even the discarded leaves are pretty!

Porch beers after a hot and exhausting day of eating and walking.

Oh, just a regular order of fries at Tilt.  And, the dips.  Dips are another love language.

Coconut cream pie and my most favorite banana cake!!!


  1. Great post! Minus food carts. But you already knew I'd say that! :)

  2. Fun! That looks much more enjoyable than working today :)