Friday Five {Falling into Routine}

Friday, September 5, 2014

Fall has arrived.  I won't lie, it was bittersweet to see this summer end.  It was filled with great adventures, beautiful weather, and late nights with great company.  The season was also busy, exhausting and a bit chaotic.  

I've mentioned it before, but I am craving getting back into a routine.  This article prompted me to make a few dedicated "resolutions" for the seasons.  

Are you doing anything to get the season started off right?  Any suggestions?  Would love to hear how you are transitioning into Fall!!

 No Email Days.  Right now, my plan is to turn my email off on Sundays and not open my computer.  

Read a real newspaper once a week.  This can be at a coffee shop or going out and grabbing a paper at the store.  I love the process of flipping through the sections while sipping on coffee.

Read every night {Sunday-Thursday} before going to bed.

Wear lipstick on a more regular basis.

Be more outgoing while running errands.  Such as grabbing coffee, going grocery shopping or hanging out at the park.

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