Crafts {Canvas Painting}

Friday, October 24, 2014

 Today's post is from a project I actually did in the Spring.  As a lover of beautiful things, home decor, and, craft projects this canvas paintings has become one of the most talked about pieces in my home.  While the final product is not what I had originally planned on making, it is one that I absolutely love.  I layered colors and textures, while using different techniques.  

Ultimately, I followed my gut and let go of the plan-- Isn't that the way all art is made?
{See the paintings process below}

Stretched Canvas
Acrylic Paint {Lavender, Peach, White, Red, Navy, Silver, Gold}
Various Brushes
Disposable Plate

Dry Brushing
Globs of Paint
Sponge Painting
Thick Application

I selected colors that I enjoy and can be found in items I already own.  I plan on doing something similar with darker hues for holiday and winter decor!

What kind of art do you keep in your home?  Do you enjoy painting?  How do you relax?

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