Favorite Fall Beauty Products

Thursday, October 23, 2014

For those of you who know me, I am a woman of many interests.

Group text messages.
Screen shots of online dating messages.
Trashy TV.
Celebrity Gossip.
Commercials that make me cry.
My hair.
Social justice.
Pope Francis.
Hunky British Actors.
Love Languages.

You get the point. I get sucked in by many things.

I previously shared my favorite beauty products for the Summer Season.  Since Fall has certainly arrived {Portland is set to get A FOOT of rain this week} I thought it was high time I share my favorite beauty products for the season.

I first learned about the Aussie 3-Minute Deep Conditioner on Kate's Blog and immediately put it on my must find list.  You see, Kate is the queen of hair blogging and always makes really great suggestions.  It just so happens that her suggestions are usually salon-only products.  So, when she recommended a drug store find that comes in under $4, is super moisturizing and beat out all of the fancy brands, I knew I had to have it.  I have been swimming a lot recently and it has been drying my hair out. So much so that I actually cut off a few inches of hair.  This drug store deep conditioner has been keeping my hair super shiny, healthy and protected!

While I have some really exciting things to share about Okamura Farmacopia and Urbaca salon, I can't wait another moment tell you about Supreme Creme!!!  This is, without a doubt, the best face cream I have ever used.  You see, I have extremely dry skin and am always struggling to find a moisturizer that 1} is like a tall drink of water for my skin 2} is kind and doesn't attack my contact wearing eyes, and, 3} doesn't smell like a flower shop, or, pharmacy.  The Supreme Creme is extremely nourishing and blends into the skin really well.  It also smells amazing--light and slightly masculine.  Best part, it is made less than 1/4 mile from my house!!  Talk about farm-to-face!!

Dark Lipsticks
Hikari: Cabernet Revlon Colorburst: Crush 
Truth Time.  Until recent years, I never really liked my hair color.  I know, that is insulting to say!  I always wanted it to be lighter or redder.  Thankfully, my mom wasn't on board with streaky highlights, and, so, raven I stayed.  While it took quite a few years to fall in love with my locks I now understand the perks.  One of which is the ability to pull off many lipstick shades!  From movie star red to bright tangerine, I wear them all!  This Fall, I am absolutely loving oxblood, mulberry and shades of wine.  This beautiful and sophisticated look is not only stylish, but, it conceals red wine mouth!  The key to pulling this off is a well exfoliated and moisturized lip.  I am still on the hunt for a great liner, any suggestions?? 

Without getting into too much detail, but still keeping it real, I am always looking for an ingrown hair solution.  So, when I was gifted the Serious Serum at a recent event, I couldn't wait to see how it works.  After several weeks of daily use, the difference is undeniable.  In case you suffer from keratosis pilaris {those pesky red, dry bumps on your upper arms} this is a great treatment option!  This product also comes from a local beauty staple, Urban Waxx


  1. Those are all so spot on. I was worried you didn't include Pope Francis but happy he made the list