Life {Christmas Eve Dinner}

Monday, January 26, 2015

Oh my goodness! More than a month later and I am just now sharing our family Christmas Eve dinner! As you may know, I was back in Montana for the holiday, and had a wonderful time. We are a family rooted in tradition and love a great party. Growing up, my Mom would cook Christmas Eve dinner for both her side of the family and my Dad's. Some years this meant she was making dinner for almost 30-people. Did I mention that Christmas Eve is her birthday?? The woman is a saint.

As we have all gotten older and many cousins have started their own families and traditions, our Christmas celebration has changed. Now, dinner has become a group of 10-12 friends and families that is prepared by my sister Stephanie and myself. We will spend weeks-no, months- planning the menu and talking out scenarios. This year, we decided on a Southern theme. All inspired by Doug Adam's amazing fried chicken I had at Feast!!

The dinner was delicious and I have every intention of remaking the Fried Chicken and Mac-N-Cheese for recipe posts. And the Mississippi Mud Bomb post will be up later this week!

My mother always does a great job setting the table!

Mac-N-Cheese should always have a potato chip topping. Trust.

Before this beauty went in the oven.

Jingle Bells or Cheese Ball??

I've made this more than once since; so good!

The bubbly, crispy, delicious Mac-N-Cheese.

Spicy, crispy fried chicken!

Mari-Brined* for 24-hours
*a made up term to explaining brining and marinading.

Corn bread. Always and forever.

Simple green beans for the win!

Trust me, so delicious!

A dessert trio! My photography skills started to slip at this point due to my food coma.


  1. never too late to share such amazing food...definitely going to be trying some of those.

  2. I would like to come to your house next year :)

  3. What a delicious—if nontraditional—feast! I want to try that kale salad. Mmm.

  4. I'm from Montana too! I grew up in Helena. Love it there...except in the winter. I love the menus that you made for the dinner.

  5. wowza! this looks way too good. yummmmmm. now i'm drooling