Recipe {Mississippi Mud Bombe}

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I am so excited to share this Mississippi Mud Bomb recipe with you from my family's Christmas Eve celebration. As I previously mentioned, my sister Steph and I prepare the holiday meals in our household. After decades as head chef my Mom turned over the reigns to us a few years ago. This transition has been fun and challenging. You see, everyone in my family has some serious culinary chops. This can lead to a little competition, sisterly spats and unique visions. After a few years we have settled into our roles. I tend to focus on the theme and savory dishes while Steph is the pastry chef. For the Southern themed Christmas Eve Dinner we decided to have a trio of mini desserts. A key lime cheesecake parfait, a cranberry bread pudding and Mississippi Mud Bombs. None of these dishes followed an exact recipe but were more a mash-up of theories and ideas-often the key to great eats!

Mississippi Mud Bombs
Chocolate Wafers
Coffee Ice Cream
Chocolate Ganache {Try Ina's or Magic Shell}

Cookie Trays
Baking Racks
Pastry/Piping Bag
Freezer Space 

Lay out chocolate wafers on baking rack over cooking sheet. Place one scoop of coffee ice cream on each wafer and put in the freezer for at least 30 minutes.

Remove wafers from the freezer and spoon a generous helping of ganache over each bombe. The heat of the ganache will likely cause the ice cream to melt. Quickly return the bombes to the freezer. Freeze for at least one hour.

Using a pastry bag, drizzle the remaining ganache over the frozen bombes. Return to freezer for at least one hour.

To serve, remove from freezer and serve immediately.


  1. Wow, these look RIDICULOUSLY good! Seriously out of this world!

  2. Yum! You're photos are getting SO good. Love the progress.

  3. These look oh so deliciously good! Love it! ~ Bea @ The Not So Cheesy Kitchen

  4. With ice cream in them?! These look fantastic!