New+Noteworthy {tryCaviar, The Box Social, Postmates}

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The most current installment of New+Noteworthy is very telling of life lately. I've been extremely busy and things have been on the heavy side. Pretty much a "work, sick, sick, work, work, woah!, que?, work" sandwich with a side of "overextended social calendar." So, pretty much the same life issues everyone else has. Blog-plainer, party of Mere.

I have needed convenient solutions and good conversation over cocktails. This post also comes with some promo codes - you know, to balance out the 'plaining above. And, because I always love a bargain.

Get $15 off your first tryCaviar order by clicking this link!! You don't even have to be in Portland.

One of my only complaints about Portland is the lack of food delivery services. Really, the only options have been pizza, Ling Garden, or a $40 minimum plus a $10 delivery fee. So either eat greasy carbs or fork over lots of lettuce. 

Khao Soi from PaaDee

Enter, tryCaviar. Caviar is a high-end food delivery service that brings some of Portland's best restaurants to your doorstep. The list includes Roman Candle Pizza, Little Bird and Blue Star Donuts. The service also allows for you to pre-order meals and dishes. Imagine having house guests in town and knowing that Portland's best donuts will be delivered to your doorstop at 8am. No lines. No hoping you can get the bacon delights. Just convenient.

And the delivery of these dishes is on point. Everything comes properly packaged, generous portions and in really stylish containers. 

Best eggplant ever from Aviary

What to get: Paadee or Aviary. Both of these Portland restaurants are HOT right now. Nominated. Listed. Sought after. Which means: Impossible to get a table!!!
Things to know: Not all options are available every day or on short notice. You may need to order in advance or anticipate a wait. The delivery fee is always $4.99 and gratuity is factored in when ordering.

3971 North Williams

No promo codes here, but a great deal! A few weeks ago Erin and I had a co-working day in North Portland followed by dinner at Ned Ludd for Portland Dining Month. We had some time between the end of the work day and the start of dinner. We decided to go on a walk and pop into all of the fun shops in the area. We came across The Box Social and obviously needed to try out the Happy Hour! 

Vodka + Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit for $4

The space reminded me of an old-timey speakeasy, with a giant peacock, dark woods, and the floor to ceiling bar. The waiter was really nice, offered a lot of insight and didn't rush us in anyway. I really dislike when I am being rushed to order another drink or vacate a table. 

Healthy Happy Hour Hommous!

What to get: The Hommous Spread was very generous and had the tastiest almonds. It also comes with my favorite olives!
Things to know: Happy Hour or not, this place is a screaming deal! Only two of the cocktails cost get into the double digits. They don't appear to have an outdoor space, which does sadden me as summer is nigh!

Use code YAZ4M to get a $10 delivery credit for new users. Again, just needs to be in a city with Postmates.

Two delivery services in one month?!?! Someone has been reading my tweets! I had actually heard really positive things about Postmates from Annie while co-working a few weeks ago. See how everything comes together. ;) On a late night of working I decided to try it out. I was able to have a healthy dinner delivered in under an hour. And the whole thing cost $12. Baby, I like it!

This service delivers Apizza Scholls, Stumptown Coffee, Bunk Bar, and Bamboo Sushi!!! The list of restaurants and options seems to be growing every hour. Even cooler?? They have a pantry service. Need cold medicine? Yup! Lady items?? Delivered! Don't want a baby? Yes, even those.

Yes, I know. Your mind has been blown.

The app also has a fun tracking feature. You will be notified when the food is ready, that it has been packed up and you can even watch the GPS car or bike {again, Portland} as it is in transport. I was far too enthralled watching one delivery person circling the block in search of parking.

Pho for life!

What to get: Luc Lac! The best pho in Portland can now be delivered for lunch or at 11pm!!!
Things to know: The delivery fee seems to change based on different variables, but I've never had it cost more than $3. A service fee is also worked into the price, but gratuity is not included. The option to give a cash tip or leave it with the tip after delivery is in your hands.


  1. love these new options! i need to get on this delivery service train!

  2. Thank you for these! I'll have to check if any of them deliver in West Linn. And my gosh I love PaaDee!

  3. oh hell yes. thanks for the code ;-)

  4. I keep thinking how good that happy hour at Box Social was! Definitely need to go back there! And seriously, Postmates and Caviar are both amazing and dangerous. Oh man.

  5. Yes! awesome! I can't wait to try and see the new menus from the expanded the delivery food options!

  6. I've never tried a food delivery service. Those all look lovely!

  7. LOL at watching the delivery person circle the block. Love postmates.