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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

NV Berdie 'Amor' Cava Rosat, Spain
Remedy Wine Bar happens to be one of my favorite neighborhood spots, I was recently invited to taste the refreshed menu from new Chef Lucas Parsley, with wine pairings. The event also involved a phenomenal cheese platter and the opportunity to ask these experts so many questions. Remedy is perfect for a date, catching up with friends, or even hosting an event. The staff is so friendly and the space is so inviting, it would also be great for a solo glass of wine and an indulgent bowl of warmed olives.

What makes for a good wine bar? Warmed olives, Spiegelau stemware, perhaps some cozy seats. A rotating wine list with a tasty cheese platter. Obviously, some twinkly candles and romantic lighting.

What makes for a great wine bar? Probably a Cheese Monger, a dynamic Wine Director, and a very talented Chef. Let us not forget a stunning space, which overlooks a park that still radiates during a torrential down pour.

 Now, what makes for the Perfect Pairing? A beautifully curated menu that complements the internationally sourced collection of wines. Delicious food that is finished and plated at the open bar at the center of the bar. A spread of cheeses that have undertones of asparagus, broccoli, and dark chocolate.

And what makes Remedy Wine Bar so special? The perfect marriage of space, wine, and food. The impeccable and knowledgeable staff. A staff that is so passionate about their crafts, and so committed to providing a stellar experience, it feels as if you are in their home. A teams the works together so seamlessly, that they are in fact the perfect pairing.

Warmed Olives
Spiced Nuts
Foie Gras Ganache
Table Mountain {ID}, Majarero {SP} Brie de Jouvance {FR}, Bandaged Cheddar {WI}, Woodsman Blue {WA}
Shallot Marmalade
Cheese Monger Norine Mulry + Chef Lucas Parsley
2013 Patrice Colin Coteaux du Vendemois, France
Olive Oil Poached Halibut
Malt braised oranges, radish, farm greens, mint aioli
An elegant blend of decadent olive oil poached halibut, bright produce and a refreshing mint aioli.
2013 Stift Gottweig Pinot Noir Rose, Austria
Deemed a 'Catholic' wine as it has no additional sugars
Wine Director Josh Wisenfeld + Chef Lucas Parsley
Excellent conversation about karaoke, first dates, and salt water floating. And the wine and food, of course!
2010 Chateau Loupiac Gaudiet
Chef Lucas plating dessert.
Grapefruit Oil Custard
Dark Chocolate Budino
Sheep's Milk Pound Cake
Budino drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with Jacobson's sea salt.
Sheep's Milk Pound Cake with seasonal rhubarb compote

A tropically influenced flan.
NV Rare Wine Company Boston Bual Madeira


  1. ooh delicious! wish i could have come!

  2. Everyone's photos looked great! Sad I missed it. Glad you had a good time.

  3. Your photos are so great!!! That new camera has done wonders :)

  4. I was so bummed to miss this :( Also, olives are my life, so...

  5. Great photos! Though, now I have to tell you to go back and get the cheesy bits, because that's one of the primary draws that takes me there besides the wine- it's usually a pregame before dinner for me. Also, I found out since my birthday is next week I get a free glass on the house, so make sure you sign up for their mailing list!

  6. Every single item in this post looked perfect for my taste. When are these guys opening a place like this in Puerto Rico?