InPDX {PCS presents The Lion}

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Lion, written and performed by Benjamin Scheuer, is a critic's darling and an awards show favorite. This kind of acclaim and notoriety does not always translate - especially when a show takes it on the road. But, like any Portland Center Stage production, the magic is in tact. 

This one man, eight guitar autobiographical story is a love letter. A a multi-page communication to Mr Scheuer's mother ('A Surprising Phone Call'), loving postcards to his brothers, and a pen-pal-esque exchange with his father. More than anything, it is a reflective and intimate penning to himself. Honestly acknowledging his angsty and dramatic teen years, the bliss of first love, and the highs and lows that come from a non-traditional (or any) career path. An emotional, yet fair, telling of loss, heartache and when a young person finds out no one is invincible. 

With a brogu-ish voice, flirtatious smile and twinkle in his eye, and GQ-worthy locks Ben is engaging and draws you into the truth of his life. A performance that feels organic, and unaffected by success and proximity to power. His songs had me bopping along, laughing, and wiping empathetic tears from my cheeks - so good that I actually purchased my favorites when I got home. The performance is phenomenal, and has you wishing you were a member of his pride.

The Lion kicked off its national tour in Portland at the Ellen Bye theater on May 2nd and will run through June 14th. Click here for dates and tickets

Photos Courtesy: Portland Center Stage


  1. Seriously true, those GQ worthy locks and that twinkle and that voice don't make it hard to just stare at Benjamin for an hour or so at all!

  2. That seems fun! What a unique idea. I like it!

  3. Thank you so much for the write up; we never really go out and this sounds like something both Ron and I would enjoy.

  4. How awesome! My husband and I are always looking for things like this for date nights. Thanks for the review. Cheers :-)

  5. I heard that this show was really good! Great review. :)

  6. Huh. Usually, I'm skeptical of "dude-with-a-guitar" music, but I'll be cautiously optimistic here.