New + Noteworthy {Tiger Tiger, Dollar Shave Club, Pollo Norte}

Monday, June 29, 2015

In case you haven't heard, Portland is experiencing quite the heatwave! To keep cool I have been binge watching Grace and Frankie and eating my weight in popsicles! What I haven't been doing is blowdrying my hair, wearing pants or cooking at home. Enter, Tiger Tiger Salon, Dollar Shave Club and Pollo Norte!

Tiger Tiger Salon
4228 N Williams
Open Daily - Hours vary per stylist

Photo courtesy Marissa Martin

Though not a brand new salon, Tiger Tiger and 1907 House have joined forces and reopened Tiger Tiger Salon on N. Williams! The swoonworthy space is bright and airy - I'm just waiting for Refinery 29 to feature it! The beautiful shelving is filled with bumbe+bumble and R+Co products, they just get it here.

Photo courtesy of Marissa Martin

What I really love about Tiger Tiger is Marissa! She has been cutting my hair for over a year and is an absolute goddess. Personally, I always judge a haircut by how it grows out. Whether my hair is long, short or somewhere in between it always grows out evenly and maintains a beautiful shape. 

My mother's response to this photo, "Why does your face look like that? But your hair does look very nice!"

Must try: A cut and blow out from Marissa!
Things to know: They use Schedulacity - making it super easy to book online. Especially at 4am when you can't sleep and realize it is time for a dramatic haircut!

Dollar Shave Club
The internet.

I first learned about Dollar Shave Club in my Martha Stewart Living and was instantly intrigued. Originally marketed towards men, the company quickly realized that many of the razors are also a big hit with the ladies. 

Here's how it works, you initially sign-up to receive The Humble Twin, 4X or The Executive. The initial starter kit is sent with a handle and cartridge of your selected blade. Each month after that a cartridge of blades is sent your way. 

I really love this for multiple reasons. First, the cost. Six bucks a month for four high quality razors is a screamin' deal! The delivery. I never have to run out to the store to grab razors. Or add it to my very long Target list. Every month on the 16th they are in my bathroom! The quality. These blades are fantastic! Since starting with DSC I've had almost zero razor burn or icky bumps on my legs. Just smooth summer stems. The reduced waste. While it may not be what Pope Frankie had in mind, I do feel that I have reduced my amount of waste a bit. By not throwing away plastic razors every other week I do feel a smidge better about my carbon footprint. A smidge.

Must try: The 4X - 4 cartridges of 4-stainless steel blades every month for $6!
Things to know: Only one handle is sent and included in the initial package. Additional handles are available for $4 in case you are splitting the razors with a roommate or forgot the handle in a hotel room.

5427 NE 42nd
Open Daily 11am-9pm

Mexican-Style Rotisserie Chicken. I really don't need to say much else. But I will. I promise.

Located in the Concordia neighborhood, this small and discreet shop is serving up some of the best chicken in Portland. This juicy, tender and flavorful, it is served with cabbage - cooked in the base of the rotisserie and all of those amazing drippings - and handmade tortillas. You also have the option for a few sides - the slaw and pinto beans are my favorites!

The space is small and there are a few picnic tables outside. I imagine this would be great for takeout if you live or work in the neighborhood. They have also added another roaster so the Pollo Norte team is no longer having to deal with daily sellouts and sad customers!

Must try: The Frijoles Charros. Because beans and bacon!
Things to know: Unless you are coming from brunch, the quarter chicken just doesn't seem to be enough. I would recommend getting a half for yourself or splitting a whole with your dining partner. 


  1. I was real confused by the Dollar Shave Club and looked it up after you mentioned it a couple weeks ago. Now all I get is ads for it. The internet clearly wants me to try it.

  2. Wow, I am going to have to push the dollar shave club to my husband, he pays much more that $6 for a 4 blade thingy. Also, Pollo Norte- YUM, in capitals only.

  3. Pollo Norte is only wishlist to do, but haven't made it yet - good tip on making sure I have enough chicken, I will definitely get the half! And your hair does look fantastic in that photo - but I just cut my hair so I don't think I'd get much from a blowout with my new lil bob - but I'll have to remember for future long hair days.

  4. So glad that we could check out Pollo Norte together! We need round two soon. :)

  5. Oh my gosh your mom's comment about that photo is hilarious! And yes to no pants!!!

  6. everything here looks awesome! absolutely agree on the haircut grow-out test!
    kelsey malie

  7. Your hair looks fantastic in that photo!

  8. Marisa is seriously the best. ever. end of story.