New + Noteworthy {Marmo, Shift, and Levant's Brunch}

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

This installment of New + Noteworthy could also be considered a love letter to gluten.With two tasty bruschettas, croissants, pastries and crouton loaded salads Marmo, Shift and Levant's Brunch Service are all offering up some of my favorite glutenista treats.

1037 SW Morrison
Hours: Varied

{Artichoke Bruschetta || Beet Salad || Potato + Prawn Salad}

Located in Downtown Portland, Marmo is by far my favorite new spot in recent months. The shop is an Italian deli and bar. The beautiful space lends itself for a great lunch with a friend, a solo meal with a glass of wine and a good book, or post-work cocktails.

{Artichoke Bruschetta}

They serve up a seasonal focaccia that is incredibly flavorful and highlights regional produce. When I went,  cherry, rosemary and parmesan married together for a savory summer starter. The menu features some really unique dishes; like the artichoke, fig, olive, red pepper and pine nut bruschetta.

What to get: The potato and prawns salad - tossed with house croutons, cherry tomatoes and a creamy house mayo and pesto. I've had it more than once in a week period.

Things to know: Their hours are all over the place....
Sunday 8am-3pm
Monday 7am-3pm
Tuesday - Thursday 7am-8pm
Friday 7am-9pm
Saturday 8am-9pm

Shift Drinks
1200 SW Morrison
Monday-Friday 4:30pm - 2:30am
Saturday + Sunday 5pm - 2:30am
{English Pea + Oyster Mushroom Bruschetta}

Shift Drinks is quickly becoming the hippest bar in Portland. Located in sleepy downtown (just down the street from Marmo!) is helping transform this area into the next hip area in PDX. And it isn't even on the East side!!
{Psychedelic Quinceanera}

The space has clean lines, simple decor and sky-high ceilings. It is not about the decor or Instagram-worthy marble countertops. It is all about the cocktails and bites. In fact, they only post black and white photos to keep things clean and curate a very focused story.

What to get: The English pea + oyster mushroom bruschetta! This dish is phenomenal. The crunch bread is topped with a generous helping of a pea pesto that is loaded with delicious olive oil and really salty parmesan. The oyster mushrooms are perfectly sauteed and have a buttery quality.

Things to know: This is not a third date spot. The space is cold, the chairs aren't comfy and the layout does not lend itself for canoodling. If you want to indulge in some late night drinks and romantic gazing this is not the spot for you.

Levant's Brunch Service
2448 East Burnside
Saturday + Sunday10am - 2pm
{Lemon Pistachio Roll || Halva Croissant || Chocolate Croissant}

Levant is one of my favorite restaurants in Portland and they are now serving brunch! The French-Arabesque restaurant serves modern Middle Eastern food.

{Non-alcoholic Strawberry Shrub Soda}

Always delicious. Perfectly prepared. Light, yet comforting. 

{Red Shakshuka}

I also believe Levant has one of the most beautiful spaces in Portland. With a patio, gorgeous interiors and a wood-fired oven the space is perfect for every season.

{Ivy Rose}

What to get: The lemon-pistachio spiced roll is amazing. The dough is light and fluffy and the glaze has a bright and zesty flavor. I also really enjoyed the savory croissant, filled with basturma + kashkaval - aka meat and cheese - is decadent, salty and a welcome addition to any breakfast. Or lunch. Or midnight snack.

Things to know: Levant takes reservation, which can be made on OpenTable! This is especially helpful since Portland Monthly featured the Levant Brunch on its May cover - making it the go-to brunch spot as of late!


  1. Fab photos!! Mmmm, that hummus ...

  2. I am slightly obsessed with Levant's brunch. So good! I've never been to Marmo, but those photos are drool-worthy! Adding it to my list, thanks!

  3. Yeahhhh! Glad I was at all of these. Ha! I agree, Marmo, big fan.

  4. I need to stop looking at blogs and go make dinner- this post made me hungry (and ready for a cocktail!) Thanks for the post.

  5. Love this post from the line "love letter to gluten" —ha! I love that you gave a quick and to the point recommendation and notes and let the photos speak for themselves. So great.

  6. Beautiful photos!! Mm, potato and prawn salad sounds good!

  7. Okay, even though I JUST ate, I'm starving again after reading this. I really, really want that cannoli!

  8. I want to try Marmo so bad! Looks so tasty.

  9. That hummus looks like just about the tastiest thing ever!!!

  10. I think the hummus is the best looking thing here! I love finding amazing hummus.