#ThursdayToursPDX {Brunch Spots}

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Brunch is one of the safest and most universally loved social activities in Portland. Whether you are getting together with an old friend, meeting up with a colleague and their family, or even going on a date brunch is socially acceptable for all of these scenarios. From vegan to meat-centric dim sum, we have it!

For this installment of #ThursdayToursPDX it only made sense to have the lovely Mary Ellen of Pate a Chew share her recommendations. Going to brunch is one of our favorite activities! ME excels at identifying what makes all of those delicious brunch pastries so delicious - or what they are missing. An absolute necessity when trying to replicate these treats at home! She is always game to order multiple items off the menu, order more okra when necessary, and analyze just about any text or conversation!

For more brunch recommendations from Marlynn of Urban Bliss Life head on over to Bakery Bingo!

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{Image courtesy M.E.S.}

If I had to pick one defining characteristic of the Portland food scene, it would be the importance we Portlanders place on brunch.  Brunch is a big deal here, and for good reason: the quality of Portland brunch fare is unrivaled.  Brunch can even be something of a competitive sport - as demonstrated by this classic Portlandia sketch.  And yes, I've waited over an hour for a table at popular brunch spots - something I would have never, ever done during my five years in Manhattan!

Below are just a few of my favorite brunch spots in Portland:

Isabel (NW Pearl)

My neighborhood favorite!  The restaurant identifies as "Latin Asian fusion," but I see it more as Latin.  I always get the avocado scramble.  Always.

Muscadine (NE Prescott)

If you are looking to get your southern comfort food fix, Muscadine is your best bet in Portland.  I really enjoy their salmon croquettes, but you can easily create a meal out of their long list of delicious sides.  The best thing on the menu?  Fried okra.  Added bonus: the vinegar-y hot sauce on the table - it's good on everything!

Genies (SE Division)

This is best "diner experience" I've had in Portland.  Portland is full of creative, crazy-delicious (or sometimes just crazy) brunch dishes, but there are times you crave the comfort of a Greek omelette or a short stack of pancakes.  And for Bloody Mary lovers, Genies has a long list of house-infused vodkas that allow you to flavor your cocktail in a myriad of ways.  Cucumber-dill, bacon, habanero, and horseradish are just a few of their flavors!

La Provence (NE Alberta, as well as other locations around Portland)

This boulangerie and patisserie serves up an amazing French-inspired brunch.  My current favorite plate is an omelette with leeks, peas, fresh thyme, Gruyere cheese, and mint pesto - not your typical omelette, but oh so good.  It also happens to have my favorite croissants in Portland!  


  1. I love La Provence! They have some really great pastries as well :) I have always passed by Genie's and been curious about it, it has now been added to the list! I would never pass up a diner-perfect stack of pancakes!

  2. I was just about to echo Erin on La Provence! I love their food. PS - They've got great dinner options at the Lake Oswego location as well!

  3. Great picks! I love La Provence in Portland and Lake O; the Beaverton location is still getting its footing. And I miss Genie's!

  4. Love Genies! Best eggs benedict in town! I am also still a sucker for the Screen Door's breakfast/brunch menu. Now that they're open during the week maybe the lines won't be so crazy...

  5. I'm usually too lazy for brunch (and the lines... Don't have the patience!) but now I feel a craving...

  6. Wow! Such a different list than what Marlynn had. I love this series because it gives you two completely different looks at the same thing, in the same city no less! Awesome. I haven't tried a one of these places, though a couple just made my must-try list!

  7. My mother swears by La Provence, and one is within walking distance from me.

    Every day is brunch day, here. (Only because I forget to eat 'til noon.)