Recipe { B.L.T.P.}

Monday, August 10, 2015

We are already a third of the way through August - the nights are cooler, the mornings crisper and the tomatoes are juicier!! As summer ends we are rewarded with perfectly ripened tomatoes that star in salads, are canned for winter sauces and soups, or even eaten over the sink to keep the dribbles of your summer whites.  Most importantly, it means B.L.T. season!

Possibly the most famous sandwich in America, the B.L.T. is all about the ingredients. Variations can include pork belly, the addition of avocados or cheeses. Inspired by the produce at the Farmer's Market in the neighborhood I decided to pick up peaches in addition to the lettuce, basil and tomatoes. 

Bread: For me the bread must be white and a traditional loaf from the grocery store. It should be toasted and crunchy. 
Mayo: You are either on team mayo or you aren't. I am on team mayo. For this version I decided to doctor up (my mother's phrase) some Best Foods with fresh basil, minced garlic and sea salt. 
Bacon: Thick cut is the only cut. While I was tempted by the maple variety I went for a classic pepper bacon. 
Lettuce: The middle sister of the sandwich has two very important, but not so flavorful, responsibilities for a great BLT - crunch and shield. A crisp romaine offers a necessary contrast to juicy tomatoes and meaty bacon. It also provides a barrier for one piece of bread from the tomatoes, helping prevent a soggy sammy situation. 

Tomato: The real star of the show, tomatoes must be fresh, in season and perfectly ripened. I opted for the low-cost, full flavor early girl due to her size, beautiful color and depth of flavor. 
Peach: Thinly sliced and extremely fresh, fresh peach adds a sweetness that contrasts the peppery bacon and compliments the tomato.

Makes 2 Sandwiches

4 Slices White Bread
10 Slices Thick Cut Pepper Bacon
2 Ripe Tomatoes, Early Girl or Roma
2 Pieces Romaine Lettuce
1/2 Fresh Peach, Sliced Thinly
4 TBS Good Mayo
1 Clove Garlic, Minced
6 Fresh Basil Leaves, Chopped
1 TSP Salt

1. In a small bowl combined the mayo, garlic, basil leaves and salt. Refridgerate.
2. Pan fry or bake the bacon until crispy but not over cooked.
3. Toast the bread. Spread the desired amount of basil mayo on each piece of bread. Layer the tomato, romaine, bacon and peach.


  1. Oooo... I've never thought to add peaches!!! I usually make it with avocado.

  2. This looks seriously delicious!


  3. Brilliant! Can't wait to try this with the peaches I got at the market this weekend.

  4. Interestingly, I am not a huge fan of tomatoes usually, but this combination sounds really yummy! Loving the cooler weather too. Thanks for sharing, cheers! :-)

  5. Wow, I just did a full swing from "peaches on a BLT, what?/ weird!" to peaches on a BLT, YUM! I need this now". Your BLT was speaking my language, fancy bread, fancy mayo and thick cut bacon- that's a winning combo!

  6. Sweet 'n Salty - Peaches 'n Bacon - Sounds mighty alright to me!!!

  7. I like your ratio of bacon in a sandwich here :)

  8. You just blew my mind a little bit. We've been eating BLTs regularly with all our garden tomatoes and lettuce... This new twist is a definite "must try"!

  9. What a creative idea, I love it! Love mixing new flavors like this! I can't do bread but could eat it like an open-faced salad!

  10. This is what would make me a meat-eater again. Love the "doctoring" of the mayo!

  11. YUM. I just recently saw a post by Alton brown where he talked about the amazingness of a BLT and I've been craving one ever since. The peach sounds like the perfect compliment to the bacon and pepper!

  12. Mmmm, looks tasty! I never would have thought of putting peaches in a sandwich!

  13. This recipe is so interesting! But, I guess the sweet and salty goes well together. Defintely going to have to try this!