Recipes {Strawberry Oregon-Italian Soda}

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Growing up, my favorite restaurant was a tea shop that served salads, soups and the most amazing sandwiches. The soup special changed daily but it was always clam chowder on Fridays - a classic for a reason. With crisp linens, vintage china and flowers on the table I trust it was here that I first discovered my love for a good lunch date. On special occassions my dad would take me there on a school day and, if I was REALLY well behaved, my mom would take us during summer break. I was extra lucky and had a birthday tea party there. 

One of my fondest memories from this tea house was the Italian sodas. A fizzy drink with a fruit flavor and topped with whipped cream! And it came in a fancy glass. When Oregon Specialty Fruit offered to send me their new Pourable Fruit Topping I knew exactly what I wanted to make - Italian sodas!! And I must say that chunks of Oregon strawberries are far superior to the artifically flavored corn syrup based flavoring from my childhood! To bring it to an even more adult level I decided to include some Crater Lake Vodka  - what can I say? I like a theme!

Strawberry Oregon-Italian Soda
Serves 2

2 TBS Oregon Specialty Fruit's Pourable Fruit - Strawberry
1 Can Sparkling Water (La Croix is my favorite!)
3 Ounces Vodka (optional)
Whipped Cream

1. In a high-ball glass add one tablespoon of Oregon Specialty Fruit's Strawberry Pourable Fruit. Repeat in a second high-ball glass. Fill both glasses with ice.
2. Add 1.5 ounces of vodka to each cocktail. Top off with sparkling water.
3. Top with whipped cream. Use a straw to mix while drinking.


  1. I've never thought of adding vodka to italian sodas. I know what I'm drinking from here on out!!! :-)

  2. That looks fantastic. Love the idea of whole fruit in the drink. I haven't seen that product in the market but will look for it now. I have the vodka. :-)

  3. When I was growing up, we sometimes got to go out to dinner, and ordering a Shirley Temple was always a highlight. Thanks for bringing back some fond memories!

  4. Vodka in Italian sodas? Get out! No wait: Get IN mah belly! Those look and sound so tasty for a day like today.

  5. LA CROIX > Life!! This looks so fantastic. As a kid I always used to order italian sodas from restaurants. I just might have to try this!

  6. Italian sodas are one of my less-guilty guilty pleasures. Great recipe!

  7. I used to love Italian sodas too! My old dance studio was above a coffee shop and I drank them all the time from that shop. But vodka?! LIFE CHANGED. Delicious.

  8. Yum, all my favorite things, I always have cases of Lacroix at my home too! And that Pourable Fruit is very convenient!